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LÚCIDO-L Designing pot (# Swing Loose)

Posted on: September 18, 2010


As I’ve long, thick, mild wavy hair that prone to be frizzy, I love any light hair-styling product without add up the heavy feel. I think Japanese are doing a good job in this area, their hair styling product usually lightweight yet effective, most importantly they always smell lovely!



Choose the right colour of the Lucido-L designing pot for your hair style. My ideal choice should be this pink one (#Swing Loose) that creates natural shapely waves. What Lucido-L says about this, by hydrating permed hair, which prone to be drying out, create a richly moist texture.



This is hair wax? It’s so light and dewy! It smells so sweet and refreshing! The hair is immediately moisturized when applied the “wax” onto it, slightly wet-looking until it dried out on hair. No greasy at all, in fact I can’t even tell if there anything applied on hair, I can just swing the long hair freely in the wind.



Direction for use: Spread a suitable amount onto your fingers and blend into the ends or whole head for styling. Replace cap after use.

Styling Technique :

Towel dry your hair after washing or lightly dampen your hair. Spread the wax out well onto your palms as required. Rub gently in a clasping motion into the part of hair where you want to achieve swinging.

Surprise! It moisturized the hair as good as my normal hair treatment oil, perhaps more hydrating because my hair continued to remain softer and smoother after hair wash. Well, I still prefer DHC After Bath Hair Treatment Oil after bath, but this is perfect in morning styling. I don’t normally wash my hair in morning, so I just slightly dampen the hair prior to applying the hair “wax”. Besides, I use a little bit oil on the hair-end whenever necessary to address the stiff look.


Hair on the night

 The wax immediately tamed the frizzy hair

 Hair still looked good after few hours in air-conditioned room

 Hair in the next morning, frizz again

Apply the hair wax again for smoother appearance


Lucido-L designing-pot hair wax retails for THB189/60g in major pharmacies and supermarkets here. The love story continues……


Rating: ….)))     Excellent. Willing to buy again.



Dimethicone, Sorbitan Stearate, Ceteth-20, Behenyl Alcohol, Paraffin, Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Alcohol, Panthenol, Polyquaternium-11, Fragrance, Maltitol.


3 Responses to "LÚCIDO-L Designing pot (# Swing Loose)"

hey may i know what shampoo you use??
i love your hair!
and is your hair wavy naturally?

i tried this product once before but it didn’t really work out for me though.

Thanks! Ashley,
Yes, my hair is naturally wavy and I normally use drugstore shampoo like Dove, Pantene, Clairo, Essentiel, Asience…etc. In order to make the hair looks good, I think moisturizing hair serum is the key product.

Sorry to hear this Lucido-L wax didn’t work for you, from the Lucido-L website, #swing loose is particularly designed for those who have frizzy wavy hair and I fall into this group actually. (“v)

[…] fragrance smells alike Lúcido-L Designing pot, florally with alcohol note. Shake before use. First, style your hair as you wish, and then use […]

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