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Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Baby Moist UV Base SPF50+ PA+++

Posted on: August 12, 2010

Mandom Beauty (, another budget skin care from Japan. This Mandom Beauty UV Base SPF50+ PA+++ is both water and sweat resistant, free of colorant, fragrance and paraben; tested for sensitive skin. Only thing is that it is nanosized sunscreen as some people might get concerned with.



Nanosized sunscreen will minimize white residue, together with greasiness of the nature of some active sunscreen ingredients, thus more cosmetically appealing, leading people are more willing to put on sunscreen regularly. Furthermore, nanosized’s provides more even coverage hence increase the protection. Nevertheless, nanosized sunscreen could be toxic if eaten accidentally and it is more toxic than microsized’s. (source)



Back to this review. As per the name Baby Moist, the Mandom Beauty UV Base contains Hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, Zinc Oxide and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate as main protecting ingredients against UVs.




The lightweight consistency is very fine. Yes, the silky cream texture is compatible with many premium brands. From my experience with nano-skincare, their textures always have elegant touch. The cream-like texture smoothes on easily and builds the protective film quickly with no/minimum stickiness, unlike many milky sunscreens that take time to build the matte film. The minimum white tint will be worn off in minutes, most of the time I just find it imparts luminous glow without oily shine.


Left:  Bare                             Right: Mandom Beauty’s 

under dim light

with sun light overcast


As it contains mineral sunscreen ingredient, it could be quite drying for drier skin condition, sometimes my skin felt tight in the midday that required moisture replenishment. I did moisturize prior to applying sunscreen by the way. Perhaps I should tell you that all mineral sunscreens tend to cause dryness to my easily dehydrated sensitive skin in less humid environment. When I used this in Malaysia and Singapore, this is lovely, control oiliness, non-drying and non-heavy. 



As far as Japanese brand concerned, I will not surprise the fine texture, regardless they are mass products or over-the-counter products. I think this is pretty nice, HKD68/30g is not expensive, just I wish I can get its full ingredient list in English.



12 Responses to "Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Baby Moist UV Base SPF50+ PA+++"

I have just listed this sunblock to my wishlist after reading your review~~ Hopefully they bring this in soon, currently we only have four products from the Mandom Barrier Repair line =[

Hi Blair,
It is the same in Watsons TH that we have only few Mandom Beauty products here. I hope you will like it if you get one. (“v)

This looks very similar to Kose’s Pore Serum 🙂
Looking forward to getting one..

Hi Nellz,
I had tried Kose pore serum before, it was much lightweight than this Mandom Beauty makeup base. This is more like cream texture. (“v)

It makes me think of the “Watery Mousse SPF50” by Bioré.

This one looks very interesting too.
And the magic words: “control oilyness” do everything for me haha!

Hi Jem,
I guess I know what you meant. I have Biore new sunscreen – Aqua Rich series, and the mousse one indeed very similar to this but since I have not used the Biore AR mousse long enough, so I cannot tell the difference exactly. I will share my opinion in the comparison in my Biore’s review in Oct.

Haha, Yes! I dislike oily shiny face as well. At this moment, Biore sunblock is still own my #1 vote in sebum control, particularly the Perfect milky sunblock, but it leaves visible white residue which some people might not like. (“v)

[…] I did not sense any irritation during the sampling either. The overall application reminded me of Japan Mandom Beauty Baby Moist UV base. When skin is oilier, the finish is pretty alike as though I applied Clarins UV Plus HP Day […]

[…] this with Mandom Beauty Baby Moist Makeup base SPF50+++, MB  imparts more radiant complexion than this and MB control sebum slightly better. However, this […]

hey, I’ve just come across your review on this mandom beauty product. I’m wondering if this is alcohol-free.
My skin is very sensitive and I try to avoid skincare products
that contain alcohol and I know that for some reasons Japanese sunscreen always contains alcohol. Thanks!

I live in Thailand too. Wish Watson TH had more of mandom products.

Hello CJ,
I can’t find the word “Alcohol” (アルコール) in the Japanese ingredient list (third attached picture) but I also suspect エタノール (aka ethanol, last ingredient of the list) is alcohol. Sorry, I can’t read Japanese, so only guessing here.

Watsons in Thailand has brought in more Japanese line in past several months, currently I was in love with Taiwan brand – Neogence, meanwhile I also bought Rojukiss latest Laser Pore-less serum, will start using it next month. (“v)

I really hope to have this whole range of barrier repair products, it seems to have many positive comments. Too bad, its not selling in Singapore.

Hi Bebe,
Thanks for dropping by.

How many people can resist the cute smiley baby face? (“v) Just kidding. I think Mandom Beauty is fine for healthy skin but not great for very sensitive skin because some of their product contain alcohol. No worries, I am sure there are some good value drugstore products in Singapore. (‘`v)

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