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The day I was strolling in Daiso Japan store, I spotted this floral facial wash lather net. It meant to facilitate lathering process for facial wash, some of you might have known that using different lathering technique, you can have different kind of cleansing outcome.


It is in the shape of a stalk of flower. It knitted together with the white-colour-net, flip it out before use


I’m not sure how many of you are doing the same way like me, I usually take an adequate amount of cleanser on palm, then add a little bit water to mix with it, rub in palm to lather up before massage the lathers onto face. On the other hand,  Japanese beauty experts always advise to use lather net or puff in order to create abundant lathers, which most probably, they think any loose and sparse lathers are impassable for cleansing.


Let’s look at below four tests (A, B, C, D) for clearer idea. I used soap-free Kanebo Kracie Purenavi cleansing gel for Test A, B and C; a soap-based cleanser for Test D.


::: + Test A + :::

 By using hand. This is what I normally did, simple and quick. This is also the best I can foam it up.


::: + Test B + :::

Squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser onto the net. Add a little water from time to time to generate lathers.

By using lather net. The Daiso floral lather net is not really user-friendly but it did help the foam up.


::: + Test C + :::

Squeeze the appropriate amount of facial cleanser onto the puff. Add a little water from time to time to generate lathers.

By using Fancl facial puff. The puff can easily generate rich lathers, better than the Daiso floral lather net.


::: + Test D + :::

By using Fancl facial puff with soap-based facial cleanser. The lathers are rich and dense.


There are few reasons why I tested the method with  soap-free Kanebo Kracie Purenavi cleansing gel and a soap-based facial cleanser here:

  1. the Kracie Purenavi cleansing gel itself is difficult to foam up, using a tool can make dramatic difference.
  2. any soap-based facial cleanser generally is very foamy. I can create a “snowman” with soap-based’s.

Did you know the cleansing result also varies with the technique you applied? From my experience, if I follow the Test A to cleanse the skin, my skin could be easier to prone to dryness but it has better or stronger cleansing ability; whereas if I follow the Test B, C and D, the chances to get dryness after washing is much lower but the cleansing ability is weaker but still cleanse well. So my question is, do we really need a “strong” facial cleanser?


In my opinion, we don’t need a “strong” cleansing in morning because we only wear “non-waterproof” skin care product overnight, on the other hand, we should use an effective makeup remover instead of “strong” facial cleanser in evening. I had mentioned before that even a mild facial cleanser is capable enough to remove minimal makeup residue from makeup removal.


Nevertheless, if you don’t wear any makeup, there might be a reason for you to use a “strong” facial cleanser in evening since our skin could be very “polluted” after being outside with all the pollutions and excess sebum excretion along the day. In this case, I think it’s not a must to stand by different cleansers or to get a makeup remover, you can save your money and just change the technique.


My piece of Fancl washing puff is still in good condition actually, I bought the Daiso floral facial wash lather net on whim, in fact I wanted to be more discipline to follow the Japanese cleansing method.


Customize your cleansing routine today, without changing your favorite cleanser. No extra money needed but it does require a little bit extra time, a little bit good patience and a little bit  more skin care passion from you. (“V)


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