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Final Episode of Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD

Posted on: August 5, 2010

I’ve a strong reason here to call this post as final episode of Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD. Read on if you’re interested in knowing why, else please ignore this post because this is mainly for my own reference and it might be confusing to you. 


To get the skin analysis with Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD, the beauty assistant first inputted my age, then used the handheld electronic reader to read my skin on cheek, inner cheek, forehead and undereye separately for different analyzing aspects. 


 The system is in the mid of an analyzing 


Let’s look at below picture A and B, there are different outputs that I got at different Kanebo counters in the same day. By the way I only slept on 3 AM and had 5 hours sleeping time on the night before the checking. The different analyzing results confused me initially but everything were getting clear after I read the analyzing result of my SO that shown in picture C. 


Picture A

Picture A: My Ist checking in noontime 


Picture B

 Picture B: My 2nd checking in evening 


Picture C


Referring to picture C, I was totally amazed this is the result of a person who never worn sunscreen in his entire life, basically no skin care habit and only use a Utena facial scrub and a clay mask once a week at most. BUT, he has consequence to suffer, his skin age is older than his actual age. 


Therefore, the six main checking points (cleansing, exfoliation, whitening, metabolic regulation, Moisturizing, UV rays protection) are meant to analyze how strong is the skin structure. For instance, my SO skin is considered healthy and has high resistance against UV rays, thus he scored the high mark in UV rays Protection aspect. Whereas my skin is thin and sensitive that has low resistance against UV rays, so I scored the poor mark. However, I could score higher mark when my skin was healthy and stable. Meanwhile, the poor rating gives Kanebo beauty assistant strong reason to sell you a sunscreen. 


 Summary of four analysis


After went through my four analyzing results of 2009 and 2010, I concluded: 

  1. the device only analyzes your skin condition at the time of checking
  2. the device doesn’t consider our specific skin condition such as sensitivity, allergy…etc.
  3. the system criteria tend to rate drier skin as older, oilier skin as younger.
  4. our skin condition varies from time to time, take the analyzed result as reference only.
  5. trust your eyes for visibly skin improvement.
  6. The device is helping the beauty assistant (and yourself) to identify which product that you need most.


 Eventhough the system had rated me oily skin but as you can see, my skin is pretty close to Normal zone actually. 


As such, I’ve drawn my own conclusions in these aspects: 


Cleansing – Stick to gentle, soap-free cleanser no matter what. 

Exfoliation – As long as the skin is smooth, improved moisture and pores are refined visibly, I know my regular exfoliation works. 

Whitening – Whitening skin care would help as I used whitening stuff when I scored higher rating. 

Moisturizing – I certainly need intensive hydra-care in dry season. 

UV rays protection – Sunblock is necessary everyday. 

Metabolic Regulation – Basically I’ve no idea what is this about in the analysis of Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD. 


6 Responses to "Final Episode of Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD"

Dear sirs .
With referance to your web site and the comments , I need more information about the Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD machine , Also what are the right procedures to import the machines to kuwait state , Im very interested of that product with your final price quotation .

ENG. Munib shadid

Dear sir,
As I stated in my reply to your another comment, the product right is in the hand of Kanebo Japan, you may inquire Kanebo for futher info. As a importer role, you need to get what are the import documents and procedures that required in Kuwait from your local business consultancy because every country has their own rules and regulation of import.

Dear Sir ,
all what i want is how to reach to the beauty analyzer machine , i tried to find all the web sites but i couldn’t find it . Even in kanebo japan ( nothing mentioned about that instrument ) .


Dear sir,
I believe the Kanebo Beauty Analyzer 21AD machine is developed by Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. that solely serve their own business only. Reason being, the system will suggest the Kanebo products at the end of analysis. I have no idea if they are willing to sell it to outsider, therefore I suggested you to deal with the company directly for further inquiry because I never worked for Kanebo and I have no business relationship with Kanebo either. For you info, I am purely a customer who ever experienced the machine at Kanebo beauty counter, nothing more.

The Kanebo beauty counter that I visited are located at Central Chidlom department store in Bangkok and Isetan Department store.

how much it does the machine cost right now ?

Hi, I have no idea. You may try beauty salon suppliers.

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