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Kose Softymo Powder Wash Q10

Posted on: June 3, 2010



As curious as cat, I just couldn’t resist facial powder wash when I see one, unless I find out alcohol is one of the ingredient, else I normally love to give it a chance. I had tried few facial washing powders previously, all foam up very well except HABA Powder Wash, but amid them, HABA’s was also the less drying one compared to the other two (Kose’s and Fancl’s), despite the cleanser formulation, needless to say water temperature and weather humidity are always two major factors for the dryness.



Softymo Powder Wash Q10 is budget drugstore line by Kose. I bought this during oversea trip for about THB260 after currency conversion, the cheapest powder wash that I ever purchased. I love it contained Papaya enzyme and Q10 but I’m regretful after I translated the full JP ingredient list at latter time, it is soap-based and containing talc, I could imagine this is going to be another drying facial cleanser for my skin condition. (.uu.!.)



By the way, do you notice most Q10 products are packed in yellowish/orangey color? Naturally coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) has dark yellow color in pure form, yet this powder is in white color. I’m not certain if the Q10 is coated thus the color is hidden or due to other reason, but I also don’t have such expectation of having benefit of Q10 when the cleansing foam would be rinsed off in 10 seconds (if more than 10seconds, it dries my skin severely).



The white powder is very finely-milled. I don’t have any issue with any facial powder wash in the past, my sensitive nose immediately felt uncomfortable when opened the mouth-cap. That seemed this powder was extremely lightweight and can get very messy around, I got to halt the breath while pouring the powder on palm. After using for a period, the powder was getting slightly humid and not “floating” anymore in the air easily but that could be also the powder started to degrade. The powder actually caked in the last one month but still usable, I guess the humidity during bath time played the big role here.



For use, add few drops of water with the powder and work into soft lathers, foam up fairly quick. But as I predicted, this was way too drying regardless I used this in normal way, ie, use directly in the morning or for second cleansing after makeup removal. However, it worked well to remove the oil film that left by my grape seed oil massage in a quick wash (<10seconds), yet my combination-normal felt oil-free and non-drying in a humid day. In short, this is best for oily to very oily skin.



From my below simple cleansing test, it was “strong” enough to remove 90% of the makeup, somehow when I tried less powder for the cleansing test, it didn’t even remove 50% of the makeup stain and those shimmers were still fairly visible. Anyway, we knew facial cleanser never meant for makeup removal, this test was only giving you a rough idea how the cleansing power of this Softymo Powder Wash Q10.


***Cleansing Test ***

Shimmering lipstick and waterproof mascara

Massaged the foam on the makeup for ~15 seconds

Rinsed off then patted dry.


After 5 months generous usage, I finally finished the 75g powder (feel released). Generally it is something nice to use if you are the right-targeted customer- having oily healthy skin in sultry weather.


Rating: ….)))    Satisfied. Will not buy again.



Talc, Soap Base, Papain, Ubiquinone, Glycerin, Dextrin, Lauric Acid, Water.


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