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DHC Body Shaping Program Bath Salts

Posted on: May 6, 2010

In the past I used to love 10 minutes bath soaking in hotel room during a trip, but all about laziness in recent years. Lately, my aromatic passion had been re-kindled by the experiences of essential oil.


DHC Body Shaping Program Bath Salts enriched with natural rock salt from Sicily Island of Italy, organic Germanium and Capsium extract to stimulate blood circulation and body purification via sweating, together with 12 essential oils for sensuous aromatherapy. Apart the bath salts, there are also body soap and body gel from the slimming series.



Direction for use: A pouch for a bathing. Melt the bath salts into approximate 200L clean water before soaking. Recommend 38~40oC water temperature and maximum 15 minutes soaking. Keep the body temperature for best result.


Important Note: Store the bath salts in dry and cool place. Use immediately once opened. Do not use for face and hair washes, if so then rinse with clean water immediately. Do not use after sunburn, or with wound and skin decease. Do not eat. Do not use for pregnancy and baby. Stop immediately if any irritation occurs.



Without having a thermometer, that is quite clueless to tell the exact water temperature. So I just adjusted the temperature to a tolerateable level. Referring to below Picture A, the water in bath tub was obviously clean and clear before adding the DHC bath salt.


Picture A

Picture A

Picture B


After adding the bath salt, the green powder dissolved in warm water quickly, but I got to stir the water for few seconds to dissolve the small crystal-liked rock salts. Gradually, the bath water turned to grass-green color as shown in Picture B



Ready to bath now. Also the best time to apply any gel mask for face. Utterance pleasing with the mild scent of fresh lime. Keep the eye closed and relaxed while the body is half-floating in the water. Sometimes listening to imagination-driven classical music or just watching TV.


10 minutes just nice as the water temperature can still remained warm. I then rinsed again with clean tepid water after the aromatic bath. Beside beautiful rosy complexion, the face skin also bouncy supple because of the gel mask. As such, juicy skin from head to toe.


Water therapy is fabulous, in just 10 minutes, my whole body felt very much lighter, warm (particular in cold weather),  even my shoulder aching due to long-hours incorrect sitting position also had been temporary eased to great extent. You would understand the great feeling if you ever tried to soak your legs in a pail that filled with warm water.



However, the water was not hot enough to make me sweat because my sensitive skin could not tolerate very high temperature. Besides, I also did not bother to note before-and-after body measurement, whether it is good for water draining/slimming or not, I had enjoyed the bath time. Moreover the water draining usually only temporary.


Just for the sake of pampering, besides occasional home therapy, I also packed this for trip, something pleasurable to rinse away the fatigue from the tiring day out. I care about quality of life but I also do not want to splurge on spa, this is great saving and I feel more relax at home. The price THB 570 (50g x 5 pouches) is big satisfaction for me.


Rating: …)))     Excellent. Willing to buy again.



Sodium Sulfate, Mineral Salts, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Bergamot Oil, Mandarin Oil, Cupressus Sempervirens Oil, Lavender Oil, Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lime Oil, Mentha Oil, Repagermanium, Ocimum (Basil) Oil.


4 Responses to "DHC Body Shaping Program Bath Salts"

I love a good salt bath! Wow, look at the colour of that stuff, very interesting… 🙂

Yes! Amanda,
Does it look a little bit like the swamp of Shrek? Wow, I’m looking forward the Shrek4. “v

ไม่ทราบว่าไปหาซื้อ DHC Bath Salts ทางเนตได้ที่ไหนบ้างเหรอคะ อยากจะลองดูบ้างอ่ะ ไม่ทราบว่ากลิ่นนี่เป็นงับบ้างเหรอคะ แรงๆหรือว่าอ่อนๆเอ่ย? ^^

Yes gLiTTeRbOi,
This is DHC bath salts. “v

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