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I learned a new word- Melasma recently from my dermatologist. A new term added into my skin profile though I had noticed the pinkish pigmented patch two years ago but didn’t know what it calls. That really wasn’t a good news, forcing me to consider whitening care in my daily routine since mine was highly related to sun exposure. Vitamin C always my favorite because it takes care free-radical and melanin at one shot.



I don’t want to layer extra product on face, so I thought adding an ingredient into my current product might be a good idea. This DHC Vitamin C Powder is a water-soluble, stable Vitamin C derivative- Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) formulated. This Vitamin C Powder contains some basic ingredients such as solvent, hydrating and soothing ingredients, plus pH stabilizer and minimum preservative; so this Vitamin C powder can be melted in oil or even by itself alone, just it formulated in powder form.




Direction: Never squeeze the bottle. Dispense the powder slowly for desired amount. This is to be used after toning, before moisturizer. Mix with DHC Olive Virgin Oil or any other face oil on palm before applying to face.


Before and after finger dabbing




Don't rub, it pills


Fragrance free. The powder is very fine, a little bit cooling upon applying it alone. It melts almost instantly by light finger dabbing, feeling a tiny powdery though. Based on what I’ve tried, the best vehicle to this powder is oil, the worst is any gel-type product.  

  • Dabbing the powder directly on the pigmentation patches, it melted into skin quickly. There were a little bit powdery feeling, a little bit drying and stinging sometimes which can be eased by following moisturizer.
  • Mixing with watery lotion or light serum, the clear lotion became semi-opaque. Depending on the amount used, it wasn’t dissolved fully and still having powdery feeling on skin.
  • Mixing with face oil, seemed the powder dissolved thoroughly because it felt traceless in the oil, as well as on the skin.


Mix with L’Occitane dry oil


before mixing

after mixing

I bought this C powder one week earlier than Kiehls’s. Since I was using Kiehl’s 10.5% C concentrate in the morning, so I used this C powder at night only. Sometimes I mixed this with my face oil, sometimes I simply dab the powder on the pigmented area directly after face oil because I didn’t want it to be diluted. I had three small hormonal acnes on my forehead, as soon as they dried out, I started dabbing this C powder on them directly every night. Those acne marks faded off to a dot-size in a month but nothing more. They were still existed even nearly 4 months now but barely noticeable with sunscreen or loose powder on. I just got to be patient and wait those annoying marks gradually disappear over time. I also tried this C powder on the scar of my hand, and I don’t think there was any remarkably improvement, neither for hyper-pigmented scar nor freckles.



As this is in powder form, I stored this in refrigerator all the times, cap tightly after use. Nevertheless I noticed some powder caked after a month. Perhaps it didn’t affect the rest of the content that I could still continue using it, but that certainly not a good thing. Please refer to above attached picture, you will know what I am referring to.



At least the packaging is nicely-designed, helping me to get a small amount precisely each time. The cap has a small stop to fully keep the dispensing spout tightly-closed, and the cylinder design of the spout is extremely helpful to avoid any messy pouring. Is that worth the price THB650/5g? I mostly used small amount each time on targeted spot, so the powder lasted me about 2~3 months, but if using it as DHC directed, I think it’s probably enough for one month usage. My answer to the question, I don’t think so.


Rating: ….)))     Satisfied. Will not buy again.



Water, Propylene Glycol, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Phospholipids


May 2010

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