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Kanebo Lunasol Under Eyes Base (00 Light Beige)

Posted on: April 22, 2010



I stay Nth floor and the lift of my condo is mirror surrounded with cool-toned fluorescent lights. Whenever I thought my semi-matted makeup is just perfect, I sometimes end up an unexplainable feeling with the truthful mirror reflection in the lift, a pale skin that carrying two soft “pillows” under eyes. I’ve been quite ignorant about them all this while as I born with eye bags, but in recent years they started to be visible in photo.  




The experienced Kanebo beauty consultant immediately recommended the light beige shade for my undereye blue-green vessel dark circle. She got both Light Beight (00) and Natural Yellow (YL01), but the Light Beight (00) simply perfect for my problem eventually we didn’t even bother to try the Natural Yellow (YL01).  





Before I consider Lunasol, I actually tested the concealer from LaMer and Clarins, but they didn’t live up to my expectation. This lower-priced Lunasol Under Eyes Base retails THB1050/7g in Thailand with four shades available- 00 Light Beight,  02 Dark Beige, YL01 Natural Yellow and OR01 Natural Orange.  




The fluid is creamy, it feels moisturizing and easily blend into skin, without exacerbate my expression fine lines a bit, for whole day. That simply amazing! Just make sure the eye area is properly moisturized prior to this concealer. From my experience, the moisture condition around eye area is remaining unchanged before and after the concealer. That said, it neither quench the moisture nor dries out the skin.  




I follow the makeup-steps that the Kanebo beauty consultant demonstrated on the day, as shown as the above guideline. Also, I smear the concealer to the cheekbone a bit in order to create more natural boundary. Set with loose powder lastly. Do I mention it’s water-resistant? It always stays on finely along the day. (You may see the testing of water-resistant in my Lunasol eyeliner review)  





My only “issue” with this concealer is, it has high coverage. Because of the high coverage,  

  • when my skin is quite unstable that easily prone to redness, that is weird that I look like having two “white circles”. Thus I need to dab a little of this concealer as foundation for even skin tone because I hardly wear foundation nowadays.
  • without eye makeup (eye shadow, mascara…), it might be a little unnatural. Imagine you put on heavy foundation on face without any other makeup.


Well, that could be I’m too picky or else the high coverage is superb. It covers those small acne marks as well. Perhaps the shade is a tad lighter in two above mentioned cases, but this is the perfect shade when my skin is healthy stable.  



 ~~ Testing ~~  

(no other eye makeup on)  


Right side: Normal early-aging eyebag    


Dab on...



 Left side: Eyebag with the blue-green vessel dark circle    



Dab two...

Pat, pat, pat... gently



The skin tone is certainly lighter, the vessel has been covered modestly. Practically eyebag still quite visible… but when the sunlight is hitting on right spot, they could have at least 50~80% less visible in my opinion.  


Not fussy, they don’t look terrible with correct light hitting   


Otherwise…. (><*)   



I usually love my pictures taken in warm sunlight, surely all above pictures are done with non-flash. After using nearly 3 month occasionally, I’m still loving it. It should be better for pigmented dark circles with no/minimum puffiness.   


Rating: …)))       Excellent. Willing to buy again.   


Main Ingredients: Cyclomethicone, Talc, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben. 


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