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Kanebo Lavshuca Makeup Base (Moist)

Posted on: March 30, 2010


Pretty packaging… that is the main reason why I bought this makeup base. Other than Moist version, Lavshuca Makeup Base also has pore concealing and UV protection versions, apparently the pore concealing is most sellable one amidst these three. I am also fussy about the visible pore, however I knew very well that mine is nothing to do with oiliness, but aging. Simply because I have very oily skin in puberty yet I never have visible pores until late 20s.



Therefore, I suppose an effective hydration is the only short cut to make my aging pores look smaller. This Lavshuca Makeup Base is fragrance free, contains pearl essence and silk collagen. For use, take 1-2 pearl-size apply evenly over face before makeup foundation.



The makeup base has pinkish moisturizing consistency. It leaves a non-sticky moisturizing film on skin, imparts subtle glowing complexion. No coverage, purely moisturizing. I normally used this heavily under the milky sunblock and it really helped me to prevent dryness. However, This is never meant to be true moisturizer, but a glossy makeup base for drier skin.


Left: bare skin    Right: with the Lavshuca


After dabbing Lavshuca finish powder on both sides

I tried once at home just to apply this makeup base on my left cheek only,  my left cheek seemed glowing but my right cheek was matted. I then followed by sunscreen application. After 8 hours at home with no airconditioner opened (rainy day), my left cheek (with Lavshuca) was excessive shining and my right cheek is subtle glowing. The shine was obvious and easily justify.


^^^^ Testing ^^^^





This is very comfortable wearing and never irritated my skin. Although it did not break me out but I will not recommend it to acne-prone skin or dehydrated oily skin. It lacks of sebum-control capacity and not a moisture injector. I bought this HKD78/25g at Sasa store. Good deal although I think Kanebo premium line (Impress and Lunasol) has finer texture for makeup base.


Rating: ….)))     Good. May buy again.


2 Responses to "Kanebo Lavshuca Makeup Base (Moist)"

This looks interesting. We don’t have Lavshuca in Malaysia but can probably order from Sasa? Is the excessive shine bearable or was it really greasy looking?

Hi lyn,
I bought this during my HK trip so I don’t know if it can be ordered online from sasa store, you can check their website or other online source.

The shine is really depending on your skin type. I would need a loose powder to blot for my combination skin but dry skin probably fine with that. This moist version is certainly not for oily skin. I normally use this before drying mineral sunblock. (“v)

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