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I admit sometimes packaging is holding the key to make me splurge. Without having the pretty packaging, I could have ignored this Lavshuca Liquid Lips totally at Lavshuca counter of HK Sasa store. Without an expectation, I received both the sample as GWP. 




The consistency is thick and moisturizing. It is not sticky at all yet long-wearing. I tried and really love how it appeared on lips. Both pink tones, PK-7 and PK-4 are shimmering dewy, imparts water-shine finish. 


From left to right: PK-7 (light), PK-4 (darker) 


with sun light overcast


under indoor lighting

Due to the dewy appearance, any lip gloss is excellent to cover any sign of dryness, such as dry lip lines as shown as below picture. Only gripe is, if I apply lip balm underneath, it causes uneven application.



Left part: nude     Right part: with Lavshuca Liquid Lip 


I praise the good pigmentation. The color tones have shown in my below attached testing pictures is quite light because I only applied a sheer layer for natural looking. However, if apply thick enough, the pigmentation is genuinely true as it appears on packaging. 



***Testing ***

Before (PK4)

After (PK4)

Dimlight (PK4)

Before (PK7)

After (PK7)


Dimlight (PK7)

That’s quite pointless applying thickly, after blot off the lip gloss once, it turns to sheer finish. (below testing picture is for PK4) 


Although I do not normally wear lip gloss, but Lavshuca Liquid Lip is really pleasant to use and it soothes the dryness effectively. Even after a proper meal, I would still able to see slight pigmentation on lips, but the moisture had gone and got to re-apply for full and moist lips again. Moreover, It is fairly water-resistant. As I used finger for the application, I need makeup remover for thorough hand cleansing actually.  



I can’t remember the price exactly but I think it is under HKD100. As a drugstore brand, this is lovely. Unfortunately Lavshuca is not available in Thailand, this budget girly cosmetic line by Kanebo is definitely worth to check out. 



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