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Estee Lauder Take It Away Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Posted on: March 26, 2010

From my previous experiences with gentle eye makeup remover, none of them able to remove extreme waterproof mascara thoroughly in a minute. Technically Bi-phase (dual layer, oil and liquid) kind of remover should be the effective one for any eye makeup because oil is still the best and gentle ingredient to dissolve makeup. Being practical, many people dislike oiliness or greasy residue, which is understandable, thus liquid eye & lips makeup remover is still in high demand.



Estee Lauder (Take It Away) Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is my impulse purchase during a trip. The word “Gentle” grabbed my attention, because those marked as gentle are also fragrance free, thus minimize risk of irritation theoretically. Somehow, for quite some time I wanted to convince myself not to hope anymore in gentle eye makeup remover for mascara, so most probably this is my last try.



It’s watery clear like common liquid eye makeup remover. After soaked the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover and placed it on closed eye for 10-20 seconds to dissolve makeup, I felt a warm sensation on eye area upon removing the cotton pad. Not severely, but certainly not comfortable both emotionally and physically for me. Once, the eye remover accidentally slipped into an eye, immediately the eye stung intolerably eventhough I had rinsed it off with clean water. Finally the tingle was only soothed by a weeping eye, for few minutes……. Speechless disappointment.


As usual, I tested it on bare hand. It absorbed by skin as quick as toner (that contains alcohol), and the skin started to have warm sensation after a while, but no redness occurred. Not surprising the delicate eye contour became sensitive and irritated at the same time. Moreover, I think the irritated eye condition actually had been worsen by subsequent gentle wiping, that probably the reason why the eyes were mild arching for few hours then, and that happen every time I used this eye makeup remover.


I read numbers of makeupally reviews some other day, there were quite interestingly that most of the reviews were at such extremely position, either absolutely love it or totally loathe it. Without question I’m on the negative side. In fact I discarded this eye makeup remover after few usages.


\-Cleansing Test-/


(Challengers: eyebrow pencil, weterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara, shimmering eye shadow and lipstick)


Soaked the eye makeup with EL Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (with cotton pad) for 20 seconds. Gently wiped the makeup off with the cotton pad then. Only the waterproof mascara can’t be removed.


After few rubbings and patted dry, the waterproof mascara had been removed completely, but this definitely not applicable to eye area.



My simple cleansing test probably explains why some people fell in love with it. It was indeed effective to remove light makeup, including the waterproof eyeliner and shimmers easily. Predictably, not for very waterproof mascara. Comparing to gentle version of Clarins and Fasio one, this certainly cleanses much better. Not to say the superb waterproof mascara was eventually removed after few rubbings without much effort.  

For the tear-stained experience, I still have a little luck because I only purchased 30ml sample size. The normal retail price is THB 950/100ml in Thailand. Now, I see no reason to have a separate remover, my cleansing oil is just perfect for any makeup, and I never bothered by the oiliness.


Rating: …)))     Waste my $.



Water (Aqua Purificata) Purified, PEG-32, Butylene Glycol, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, PEG-6, Trisodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben.


8 Responses to "Estee Lauder Take It Away Gentle Eye Makeup Remover"

Doesn’t look like it’s very effective. I just a bottle of Empro eye / lip makeup remover and will try it out tonight. I don’t normally use very heavy or waterproof eye makeup though.

Hi lyn,
My cleansing test normally only gives a general idea of efficacy of the makeup remover. I haven’t encounter any eye makeup remover that REALLY effective to remove very waterproof mascara in seconds (may be I don’t try enough), I doubt the product exists. The mascara that I used for cleansing test is super duper waterproof Fasio mascara, if this eye makeup remover is able to remove this Fasio mascara, then other no-so-waterproof mascara should be easy job to it.

I wear eye makeup occasionally and in fact I only wear water-removing waterproof mascara nowadays. Non-waterproof mascara surely a No-no for me, it would smudge unsightly.

Like to hear how is the Empro eye/lip makeup remover, it’s MY brand I guess, I read the brand name from MY magazine before. (“v)

I agree, I actually like oil based make up removers because I have dry skin.

Hi Amanda,
Not only that, normally they are gentle and effective to dissolve makeup too. (“v)

It looks quite good! Thanks for the review! But I’m usually too cheap to shell out a lot for a basic makeup remover LOL XD

The Givenchy lippie has a bit of fragrance but it isn’t offensive at all. It looks nice on the lips, not too shiny 🙂

Hi Blair,
Thanks so much for your reply here.
Ha, yes, basic makeup remover is really sufficient as long as it does the good job. I just curious of all those “extra” items on the market. (“b)

do i have to wash it after use

Hi gaye,

i suggest you to wash it after use. (“v)

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