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MUJI Light Toning Water – Moist

Posted on: March 23, 2010

I suppose a moisturizing lotion will greatly help with drier skin condition, but realized that isn’t flexible in my living country. My skin can be combination or normal or dry from time to time, which out of my prediction. In such case, adding moisturizing oil can be more powerful to address the issue with minimum risk of irritation.


Therefore, I think I need a lightweight lotion more than a moisturizing lotion. For this MUJI Light Toning Water, I didn’t notice distinctive difference between the light and moist versions, notably the name does say it all, Light toning water.



As MUJI’s principle, clean and simple plastic packaging. Love the measurement note, it gives a clear idea of quantity used periodically. Because I kept all product info for blogging purpose, so the measurement doesn’t mean a lot to me actually. For use, pinch a small hole to open a mouth for this toner, it’s then very easy to control amount spill. In case I need large amount, just squeezing the plastic bottle harder for stronger squirt.



As this is created for sensitive skin, this watery toner is scentless and mainly for basic moisturizing. Skin felt refreshing and it absorbed into skin almost instantly without tackiness. Despite the light consistency, my skin at very sensitive condition did feel hydrating and soothing. So I dare to say this is gentle enough for all skin types.


The normal retail price of this is THB395 for 200ml, but costs merely 580yen in Japan. I’ll only head back to this when I want a gentle toner, else I think a mineral facial spray is sufficient.


Rating: ….)))    Excellent. May buy again.



Water, Glycerin, DPG, PEG-32, Glycosyl Trehalose, Hydrolyzed Starch, Purslane Extract, Polyquaternium-51, PCA-Na, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Seed Extract, Citric Acid, Sodium Acid Citrate, Allantoin, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol.

10 Responses to "MUJI Light Toning Water – Moist"

Thank you for reviewing this! Waaaah another item into my wishlist hehehe. Where in Bkk can I find Muji products? Boots? 🙂

Hello Nellz,
Boots doesn’t carry Muji item. There is a Muji store in CentralWord which I bought Muji from, next to Zen department store but I couldn’t recall which floor is that. You can ask the information counter or check rather than taking escalator floor by floor. As the Muji store is part of Zen dept store, probably the Tourist 5% discount card can be used at Muji as well, please check. (“v)

You are so lucky to get Muji in Bangkok, I love their minimalist ideas! Nice review too 🙂

Thanks lyn,
Only wish the retail price can be lower. (“v)

Sounds good, I wonder if you can get this in Australia? Do you know any online shops that stock it?

Hi Tresidder,
Glad to hear from you again.
From Muji website, Muji is not available in Australia. As I hardly do online purchase, so no idea if there any online store that selling this, sorry..

You can check for Muji global store locator for reference, in case you travel to the country in future and may want to check out their product at the store. (“v)

I love the way MUJI’s products are so simple and minimalist as well. I get excited when I see short, short ingredients list. hahaha. Glad to know that the toning water works. I haven’t had a chance to try MUJI’s skincare yet, due to the overwhelming number of products in drugstores, and my piling inventory of unopened skincare.

Hello Jyoan,
Thanks for your comment.
Muji has simple formulated skin care range which I personally think it’s very suitable for those want gentle& basic care. Ha, I’ve piling skin care stuff too but they have been cleared off 90% recently. I will shop again next month… (><#)

Hmmm I wonder how this compares against Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion? Anyone tried it?

Hi Miss Vinny,
Notably this Muji Light toning water is watery and very lightweight, whereas Hada Labo Hydrating lotion has viscous consistency and need longer time to be absorbed by skin but it would be more moisturizing. Depending on what you want, both are gentle for sensitive skin. (“v)

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