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A jar of loose powder takes me forever to finish it. Standing before the Lavshuca counter, I was thinking to get an eye shadow palette initially, they are so pretty; but considering my makeup behavior, I rather go for the butterfly knot. Yes, I paid  HKD96/9.8g for the purple, simple, cute butterfly knot, not for the powder.


Lavshuca Finish Powder is fragrance free, contains pearl essence and silk collagen for skin care. The powder is very light, finely-milled, light beige in color, contains fine glitter-particles and does not sit into pores. Despite the glitter-particles, it generally imparts matte finish. When dabbing on sheer and lightly, the complexion looks naturally semi-matte and translucent. It has no coverage basically but you can expect a smoother skin, slight pore concealing and mild light-diffusing effect via the shimmers. Those shimmers are even hardly noticeable within a close distance.



Any powder could be drying, but would be perfect to control excessive sebum in sultry weather. This Lavshuca Finish Powder aims to absorb excessive sebum, as well as control shine. I did not have oily skin but I think it was doing a good job to keep the unwanted oily shine at bay, just a little bit drying to me.



Albeit Lucent, Lavshuca Finish Powder has High Cover shade for more mattifying, perhaps better sebum control. The only differences that I noticed between them are High Cover has slightly darker tone than Lucent and it contains no shimmers. Personally I prefer radiant complexion, so I bought the shimmering one. Nonetheless, what brought me to purchase eventually, obviously the princesslike purple knot. I always smile silly and feel good by just looking at it, indirectly my other loose powders were totally ignored by me. 



With no doubt, this is prettiest budget loose powder  I have used so far. From my experience, non-tinted powder works best for my skin tone for radiant translucent skin, therefore I am not convinced by any beige shade powder. Still, it worth to recommend, even the makeup puff was still maintaining its good shape and lovely soft after few washing.


Rating: ….)))      Excellent. Unlike to buy again.


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March 2010

My apology

Hi, many things have been keeping my mind and time occupied these days, thus I need more time to response to all comments. Please bear with me, thank you.

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