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The day I sought an advice from my dermatologist about what treatment can be done to tackle my early-aging eye bags. I was actually expecting the answer would be ABC lasers, what a “thunder-strike” when she suggested Hyaluronic acid injection. Well, I understand that the injection will deliver most satisfiable result to the problem, but I dislike substance injection, yet the result lasts for 6~12 months only. Not only that, to date the other cruel yet true solutions for an instant and satisfiable effect are eye bag removal plastic surgery and makeup. Obviously I went for latter, so I dropped by Kanebo beauty counter again in last month.


I promised I’ll be back to the Analyzer on my first visit to Kanebo beauty counter. The skin analyzer actually named Beauty Analyzer 21AD. Because I was undergoing non-abrasive laser treatments lately, so I wanted to know what the high-technology A.I system says about my skin this time. 


The beauty consultant entered my age group (30-35), used the handheld scanner to read my skin on forehead, cheek and undereye, and the system took few minutes for analyzing to come out a result. The final analyzed result had shown in following picture:



What a surprise that I got totally opposite result in certain aspects compare to the first time. Again, my problematic skin never reached the highest “5 stars” rating. Somehow, the system suggests lesser product to me this time, more on additional special care to compliment a basic skin care routine.


Skin type (Previous: oily,  Now: normal)  

The system concluded my skin type was well-balanced between sebum and moisture. I think the difference was related to the vary season. My previous check is in May, which is a hot and humid month in Bangkok, while January is considered less humid dry season, hence my skin type changed. Glad I never had dry skin, but dehydration is still my issue and that had been explained in the poor rating of Exfoliation and Moisturizing parts.


Cleansing (Previous: 1 star,  Now: 4 stars)

I don’t know what the exact criteria for this, but I was truly happy with the improvement, it indicated I was moving in the right way. The only change I did to my cleansing routine is the daily grape seed oil massage, both AM and PM. Perhaps my Biotherm Biopur mask also contributes the improvement.


Exfoliation (Previous: 1 star,  Now: 1 star)

Sad. I just did my Biotherm scrubbing the day before. I was still feeling fine with the Biotherm’s, but because the scrub bead isn’t extra fine and clay is very sebum-absorbing, so I was actually very light-handed to avoid over-exfoliation that caused flaky and stingy. Probably my dead skin cell isn’t effectively removed because of that. The system indicated I had some clog pores and the skin texture was uneven. For clogging pores, I suspect milky mineral sunscreen is one of the reasons because they’re quite skin-suffocating (since sometimes I get extra blackhead or few clog pores from them). Eventually, the system only suggested to corporate a skin brightener/exfoliating toner for this issue, seemed nothing wrong with my mask. Anyhow, the result had gotten me thinking to look for gentler exfoliating alternative for sensitive skin that I can use more regularly.


Whitening (Previous: 4stars,  Now: 2 stars)

Surprise! In fact I thought my freckles had been lightened due to minimum sun exposure in Dec/Jan and I was using Kiehl’s 10.5% vitamin C serum in every morning at the same time too. Anyhow, my faith towards the Kiehl’s 10.5% vitamin C serum had not been shaken. I recalled my only whitening product during the period in last year were Clinique spot corrector and C10 treatment only. Then I realized the Whitening was nothing to do with my pigmentation because my skin scored high mark for clarity but poor mark for skin tone. This is very interesting. That being said, my skin tone was uneven although it appeared clear or translucent. Well, when went into the detail, the system actually suggested a whitening mask only. I see…


Moisturizing (Previous: 3 star,  Now: 2 stars)

Sad. From the picture above, the surrounded temperature is 19.4oC, yet I only applied serums and mineral sunscreen. I remembered previously I wore Clinique creamy foundation before the skin checking in May last year, thus I guess I should add on a suitable moisturizer before sunscreen for better moisturizing. Interestingly, again the system actually suggested only a mask for the issue. In fact, the strength of epidermis is quite poor rating, which reinforced my belief that my sensitive skin need more gentle exfoliation and intensive moisture care.


UV Ray Protection (Previous: 1 star,  Now: 4 stars)

Haha! Well, I re-applied half teaspoon of the milky mineral sunscreen before heading to the beauty counter. Besides, nowadays I was using sunscreen more diligently too. I’m not sure how the system analyzes the sun damage, but this is indeed a good news for me.


Metabolic & Regulation (Previous: 4 stars,  Now: 4 stars)

Fortunately this has been maintained, not to mention I was late-night the day before. I was happy when the system had shown my strength of dermis was very close to 5 stars, thus good skin firmness. I felt my laser treatment really improved the skin deep. As I was on 3rd week after my 2nd laser treatment at the time, I should re-checked with this skin analyzer again when I complete the full course (5 treatments) laser.


For conclusion, all I need is whitening/hydrating mask and an effective exfoliating care. Currently I do exfoliation and mask once per week, I should mask more frequently for extra moisture boosting while looking for a gentle enzyme cleansing mask.


Basically Artificial Intelligence (A.I) system is all about logic, sometimes the criteria isn’t very specific and that will affect the accuracy of final outcome. As a consumer, we need some brain-storming, just like during a test, analyzing which one is the correct answer when you’re having two different answers from your neighbours that sitting both sides of you. (“b this is bad example, but the lecturer just loved to give us a “surprise” test in lecturing time and she never caught anyone cheating from more than 400 students in the lecture hall, either many of us are well-covered and mutual-helping, or she never actually bothered). What I tried to say is, if you happen to check your skin with any skin analyzer, don’t let the beauty consultant sells you everything that suggested by system, unless you really need them. However, the Kanebo beauty consultant that I met never being pushy so I was happy to return.


Eventually I left the Kanebo counter with an eye concealer and an eyeliner. I’ve been using them for a month now and very satisfied with them but I need more time for the detailed review. By the way, the beauty consultant gave me a sample of Impress skin brightener, that’s great!



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