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SkinFood Vita Nail Essence

Posted on: February 12, 2010

I’m an avid user of hand cream, but know very little about nail care until recently I received this SkinFood Vita Nail Essence. I learnt about nail treatment oil on the previous purchase of Kose nail colors, so when I eligible to redeem a free nail color from SkinFood, I must get one to try.


According to the packaging, the SkinFood Vita Nail Essence contains Vitamins and Keratin. Advanced formula colours and covers in one quick, mistake-proof stroke. (I don’t really get this, does it mean top&base coat?)


The texture is moisturizing and oily


What I normally did is, applied the essence generously on nail, and left it on nail for few seconds. The essence gives a cooling sensation by the way. Then massage the essence in circular motion with fingers, followed by nail base coat/color. The essence is slightly fragranced and it can be easily absorbed with no oily residue. After proper massage, the nail texture just being so smooth, unlike the other untreated nails are a tad rough and bumpy to touch.


Up: nail had been treated with SkinFood Vita Nail Essence       Down: bare nail


From the above attached picture, did you notice the different kind of nail texture? I’d say the point finger (Upper one) was glowing in a smoother way.


Up: nail had been treated with SkinFood Vita Nail Essence       Down: bare nail


Perhaps I use hand cream daily and seldom apply nail color, so I hardly aware nail could be getting dry and unlively, especially I cut them weekly. Everytime after using nail polish remover in particular, nail is always dry and unlively. Well, the nail polish remover is just doing  its job to remove the adhesive nail coat, but I certainly don’t want to accept the dryness.



Comparing to those nails with top&base coat, although I had seen the finger that primed with the nail essence imparts more translucent and smoother finish in subtle way, but the only problem of this Vita Nail Essence is, the nail color coat actually less adhesive onto nail and flake off easily in few days. Hence, I treat this Vita Nail Essence as nail treatment, rather than makeup. Like facial moisturizer, SkinFood Vita Nail Essence works while it on, the delightful effect would disappear after few hand washes.


Honestly speaking, I don’t know whether I used it in the correct way (anyone can enlighten me?), seemed the sales assistant also very uncertain of what she advised, yet the product label didn’t give clear instruction. Most probably I’ll go better quality one.


2 Responses to "SkinFood Vita Nail Essence"

hi Bt^^ i often wash my hand. It makes my hand become dry. I never treat my nails with such products like that but I like to apply lotion after wash my hand. I don’t know whether the lotion can help to fix my nails or not … maybe I need nail vita as well 🙂

Hi mapple,
If I’m not wearing nail polish, I don’t even bother to use nail essence/oil. As long as the lotion/hand cream has goog skin care ingredient, that’s enough for nail as well. “V

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