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L’Occitane Cleansing Milk: Organic Olive vs Shea & Organic Cotton

Posted on: January 17, 2010

L'Occitane cleansing milks compare1

Today I’d like to present you a friendly match between L’Occitane Organic Olive Cleansing Milk and Shea & Organic Cotton Ultra Comforting Cleansing Milk. Let’s go!




Both are from L’Occitane, gentle and non-irritating to skin, contain natural and organic ingredients, consist no artificial fragrance, colorant and other harsh chemical.


L'Occitane cleansing milks compare2

 Left: Mr.V and Right: Ms.U


Organic Olive (OO) >> Mr.V (“v)

Shea & Organic Cotton (SBC) >> Mr.U (“u)




L'Occitane cleansing milks compare3

 A small squirt of cleansing milks on both of them.

(OO on Mr.V,  SBC on Ms.U)


Match begin… 


L'Occitane cleansing milks compare4

Massage gently and seperately  for 15 seconds.


L'Occitane cleansing milks compare5

 Wipe off with a piece of tissue seperately.



SBC removed the shimmering lipstick better but OO removed the glitter-particles better. None of them cleanses 100% via single cleansing. A facial cleanser can remove the residue thouroughly. By the way, both are suitable for light make-up only.




Organic Olive

  • Pleasant natural fragrance
  • Less amount required
  • More for anti-oxidant benefits
  • Not get into eye easily thus non-irritating to eyes
  • For oilier or any skin type
  • Nice in sultry weather


Shea & Organic Cotton

  • No noticeable scent
  • Cleanses better
  • More for soothing benefits
  • Easily irritating to eyes
  • For drier, sensitive skin
  • Nice in less humid weather



Winner in my heart is …… Organic Olive ! (“v)

 L'Occitane cleansing milks compare6


Why: Simply  because Organic Olive never irritated my sensitive skin and eyes, that’s why it get my vote. As for sensitive skin, non-irritating is first priority.



2 Responses to "L’Occitane Cleansing Milk: Organic Olive vs Shea & Organic Cotton"

Used to like L’Occitane a lot. But now, only walk in and walk out empty-handed…

Haha…, because you already upgraded for strictly orgarnic and natural product.

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