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Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Pencil N

Posted on: December 5, 2009

kate eyebrow pencil

Kate Eyebrow Pencil N has six shades, BK meant for black shade, BR meant for brown shade and the intensity goes from lightest BR-1 to darkest BR-5. I have BK for grayish black and BR-2 that has hint of yellow, basically I am fine with BR-1 to BR-5 except BR-4 that lean towards red tone. For reference, I have black hair with slightly cappuccino tone.


Kate eyebrow pencil shade chart


The round-shaped lead is very slim, alike Japanese brand brow liner. Hence it allows you to draw on very precisely and focus more details. For the hard texture, it requires few strokes to show pigmentation on bare skin, but easily get pigmented on eyebrow. You will hardly go wrong with this type of eyebrow pencil, eventhough a new learner is unlikely to make mistake with this eyebrow pencil, not alike soft creamy texture eyebrow pencil that easily end up a waxy brow if not blend carefully. I must say the finish truly natural-looking.


(sunlight overcast) Bottom: BR-2 / Top: BK

(sunlight overcast) Bottom: BR-2 / Top: BK

(under shadow) Bottom: BR-2 / Top: BK

(under shadow) Bottom: BR-2 / Top: BK


According to Japanese beauty expert, eyebrow pencil is meant for brow bridge to brow tail because the part always has lesser brow and use eyebrow powder on brow head for more soft-looking. Please click my previous post to see the effect with Kate eyebrow powder.


(Sorry for the ungroomed brow)

nude brow

nude brow

with BK on

with BK on

with BR-2 on

with BR-2 on


The eyebrow pencil is very long-wearing, very waterproof and moderate sebum resistant. It stays in shape without fading all day long. Moreover the packaging is chic and stylish,  very convenient to carry along with trip due to the small and short body. Besides, it is fragrance free, can be tuned in and out but not refillable. It is also not blend able, that’s why it doesn’t embed a groomer or brush. Most of the time the texture is hinted by the design of an eyebrow pencil,  anyway there are few exceptions.


Kate eyebrow pencil lead


Because of the hard texture, it doesn’t exhaust as quick as soft creamy one. The original length of the lead is 2.2cm, after every morning use for 4 months, I still have 1.8cm. Based on the calculation, I estimated this should be able to last me 8 months with one application a day. Get the Kate Eyebrow Pencil N at 198 baht for 0.07g after 10% discount. I have forfeited those creamy-textured eyebrow pencils and fell in love with Japanese eyebrow pencil.

 Rating: ….)))   Excellent   Excellent. Willing to buy again.


3 Responses to "Kanebo Kate Eyebrow Pencil N"

I buy BR-5 yesterday, when i see the lead is only 2.2cm, i scare it only can use a few month, but after reading what you write, wow ! it a good eyebrow pencil, i like it.

Hi Roland,

I have tried numbers of this eyebrow pencil, unfortunately each of them can only last for 4 months when I used it in more humid climate. Can’t really explain why.

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