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 Clarins WhitePlus Gentle Renewing Exfoliator

A unique creamy paste which instantly lifts off toxins and impurities to reveal a renewed, radiant complexion. This is part of Clarins White Plus series and is tested in Japan on Asian skin, contains Raspberry, Strawberry and Grapefruit for a bright, fresh, luminous complexion. I love the concept of deep-cleansing clay mask cum physical scrub at one time,  similar to my current favorite Biotherm Biopur one-minute unclogging mask but they are differ in certain aspects.


Clarins Renewing Gentle Exfoliator content


Avoiding eye contour area. This Renewing Gentle Exfoliator to be used on dry cleansed skin just like using clay mask, you may either massage those granules upon application or wait until the white clay settles for few minutes first, then add little water slowly for white clay softening, gently massage off the microbeads and clay. Recommended 2-3 applications a week by Clarins. Personally I combined both ways.


Clarins Renewing Gentle Exfoliator grains


The white clay contains some red microbeads and a lot of white granules. Strongly fragranced that I wasn’t fond of it. When massage onto skin, skin was feeling full of finely-milled granules, the white clay became tacky quickly (skin is very sticky if I use fingers to touch it), so it is impossible for me to do a full massage within the short time frame. I normally leave the skin for 1-3 minutes, add water little by little for properly scrubbing at latter. Those granules would never melt off anyway, rinse off with water after scrubbing. The skin would be a little tacky to touch right after I patted my skin dry, but within few seconds the tackiness disappeared and replaced by a silky smooth skin! (some facial cleansers have this characteristic) Skin was looking matte, even up, brighten up with soft glow and temporary refined pores.


Renewing Gentle Exfoliator didn’t cause me any flaky, so it should be gentle enough for sensitive skin. It helped subsequent skin care products absorbed faster and held makeup for longer time too. In addition, it moderately removed the blackheads, but not as good as the Biotherm’s. For brightening sake, I do think this is worth to keep, in fact it was excellent to me to maintain the brightening result for few days.


Clarins Renewing Gentle Exfoliator sample


I love the brightening effect and gentleness of this exfoliator, but I preferred the Biotherm’s. This is retailing at RM125 for 50ml in Malaysia, suitable for all skin types. Pricey but worth to try for a brightening care to compliment your skin.



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