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FANCL Lip Color Palette (13-Aqua Pink)

Posted on: October 21, 2009

Fancl lip pallete

Received the Fancl Lip Color Palette as GWP, appreciate Fancl here always gives fresh product (manufacturing date within 6 months) for GWP (based on my experience). Fresh period of the lip palette is 3 years from the manufacturing date, 1 year from the date opened.


Fancl lip palette content


The lip palette is vacuum sealed to preserve freshness due to product’s preservative free nature. The texture in the sturdy plastic container is creamy, silky smooth on lips but not enough moisturizing to me, contains shimmer-particles and easily pick up for application. Using finger is difficult to apply evenly, but I am still too lazy using lip brush for precise drawing.


Fancl lip palette swatches


The pigmentation is sheer that I need to layer multiple times to have visible color on lips, thus heavy feeling like I was putting Vaseline on. The fresh application looks subtle shinning and the color is pretty, unfortunately the lip is looking dry and magnifying lip lines in few minutes, partly because of my dry lips. Currently I like to apply this as a thin layer with fingers as tinted lip balm, it works fine so far without drying. The shinning film stays on quite well if I didn’t ‘disturb’ my lips, but almost totally gone after a meal.


Fancl lip palette1


For me, this is still acceptable for the quality packaging and the very natural beautiful color, compare to lipsticks and lip gloss, I just dislike the inconvenience of lip palette. Most importantly, it simply not moisturizing to me. The retail price of Fancl Lip Color Palette is 400 baht, total 15 shades of choice.


Rating: ….)))  Satisfied   Satisfied.


Main ingredients:

Color Reflect Powder, Lamella Care Powder, Amino Acid, Full Lips Ingredients, Natural water-retentive Amino Acid Family, Licorice Derivative Extract.



Test, Test, Test


nude lips

nude lips

With Fancl lip color on

no sunlight, with flash

no sunlight, with flash


with sunlight overcast, fresh application

with sunlight overcast, fresh application


with sunlight overcast, applied as lip balm

with sunlight overcast, applied sheerly as lip balm

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