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DHC moisturizing clear soap


Few months ago, I received a sample of this and I was thinking to use it in dry season to see how it goes. I have this stored inside the wardrobe, when I digged this out lately, it was melting to a flat shape! If you have seen a melting candy before, this sample soap is just like that. Probably due to the humidity and heat during summer, it should be stored in cooler place instead.


Moisturizing Clear Soap is new soap adding into DHC soap series this year summer, DHC TH members always have their priviledge to receive sample of new product via DHC monthly magazine mailing. According to the magazine, the soap is made of olive virgin oil, amino acid, skin natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and natural essential oil. Skin pH formulated.


DHC moisturizing cs -mfg1


The moisturizing clear soap is transparent clear, moderately foam up and very gentle, leaving skin squecky clean, yet moisturizing, no tightness and dryness  after cleansing for two trials. However, the skin will gradually becomes dry if I didn’t put on toner right after shower. Soap is really not for my skin.


DHC moisturizing cs-mfg2


Neither strong scent nor particular essential oil scent have been noticed, may be the original scent dissipates due to my inproper store. The soap cleanse as well as most of gentle facial wash, but can’t remove those lipstick shimmers completely. In fact I never demanded a facial cleanser can remove makeup totally, the purpose of using shimmering lipstick for cleansing test is just an indication. Gentle enough to me if remove 50% of the lipstick stain. 


The Moisturizing Clear Soap is retailing at 850 baht for merely 90g in Thailand. Can’t locate the ingredient list, so no idea if  it is extactly soap based though I suspect so. Anyhow, I still preferred facial washing liquid or foam.


Testing time…

DHC moisturizing clear soap-test1

DHC moisturizing clear soap-test2


October 2009

My apology

Hi, many things have been keeping my mind and time occupied these days, thus I need more time to response to all comments. Please bear with me, thank you.

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