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Clinique high impact mascara


I have 4g of the mascara sample as GWP of my Clinique haul. As per Clinique, High Impact mascara kicks up the volume and length of each and every lash for a look that’s lusher, plusher, bolder. Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact. Wear it once and you’ll feel naked without it.


Well, clapping hands for such a fascinating claim.


Left with HighImpact, Right nude

Left with HighImpact, Right nude


I admitted High impact mascara build up a pretty eyelashes that make it bolder, fairly lengthening, good curl and good volume. The eyelashes looked real and very natural indeed. As usual, I didn’t apply any other eye makeup for all my mascara reviews nor using any lash curler, but my left eye seemed has an eyeliner used, in fact that is an illusion created by the volumn of the mascara. Only thing is the bulky mascara brush is quite inconvenient to use and difficult to comb corner and lower lashes.


Clinique High Impact wand


High Impact delivers quite similar result like Shiseido The Makeup Lasting Lift does, except it isn’t waterpoof. For the removal part, this dissolved in a second with water without any residue, when tested with soybean oil, it smudged slightly, so the mascara absolutely not water-resistant but good oil-resistant. Thanks for the easy removal feature.


This is retails 750 baht for 8ml, has three shades, 01 black, 02 black brown and 03 Sapphie. I wish it can be better in lengthening, so most likely I will just stick to Maybelline cat eye mascara.


Rating: ….)))  Satisfied  Satisfied.




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