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Shiseido TheMakeup lastinglift mascara


I got the Lasting Lift Mascara as GWP sometime ago, but I seldom aware of its exist. Although mascara should be discard after 3 months, it never applied to me. Lately I decided write a short review of this, not informative, just make an addition to the number of my product review. (“b)


Shiseido LastingLift brush


The mascara has short winding up hair wand that could easily comb every lash including the lower lash. Very waterproof, thus very difficult to remove them (most Japanese mascara are excel in this aspect), even a powerful cleansing oil need some efforts to remove it properly. First coating is quite enough to create non-clumpy, non-stiff eyelashes, if you want second coating, don’t wait until the mascara dries out, otherwise the second coating will causes clumpy.


left with Shiseido LastingLift; Right nude

left with Shiseido LastingLift; Right nude


As per the name ” Lasting Lift”, I suppose it will makes my lashes lift and curl adorably for whole day. Apparently it did medium lengthening, fairly volume and satisfiable lifting, but not to the extend that I’ll say WOW. It simply didn’t impress me since the first use. My picture above didn’t use any curler and other eye makeup by the way, but I love it imparted a look as if I have drawn eyeliner on.


Shiseido Lasting Lift


Overall a medicore quality that I can get from drugstore brand. Perhaps the quality of the samples changed over time, or my mascara skill need a big room to improve, but for me, save the money because L’Oreal Double Extension Mascara (the blue one) delivers the similar result.


Rating : ….)))  Satisfied  Satisfied. 


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