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Kanebo Blanchir Clay Wash Conditioner

Posted on: September 15, 2009

Kanebo Blanchir clay wash

[Kanebo had revamped their whole range of Blanchir line and officially launch the new version, Kanebo Blanchir Superior in mid summer 2009. I’ve no news when it will be release in Thailand. Since I bought the old version Kanebo Blanchir before I got the news that it was going to be replaced, so I’ll still go ahead with my reviews, as a reference to distinguish the differences between old and new.]

The consistency of this clay wash conditioner is somewhere in between clay and mousse, a small amount to work into rich creamy lathers, smooth onto skin and leaving skin squeaky clean, soft and smooth, slightly drying when the skin prones to dehydration in summer, so I’m pretty sure this is too drying in dry season. For a soap based facial cleanser, I usually start the cleansing from oilier T-zone, then sweep the foam for dry spots to prevent over drying.

This isn’t fragranced, thus more suitable to those dislike fragranced product. For the cleansing power, it cleanses the light makeup moderately that probably won’t over stripping the skin’s natural moisture. I normally use this in evening after makeup/sunblock removal. Suitable for healthy oily to combination skin.

Rating: ….))) Satisfied  Satisfied.

Main Ingredients:

Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Talc, Butylene Glycol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Methylparaben.



Cleansing power test

(lipstick and waterproof mascara)

before cleansing

before cleansing

after cleansing

after cleansing


10 Responses to "Kanebo Blanchir Clay Wash Conditioner"

i want to rid off my blackhead on my face. which product should i use since i’m confusing that in kanebo product too many items? my friends suggest me to use kanebo clay cleanser. is it suit for my skin.

Hello hjh erah,
Thanks for dropping by.

Base on my experience, facial cleanser has very limited ability to get rid those blackheads. Deep cleansing clay mask/BHA product will help to certain extend. I think most of the cleanser I’ve tried can remove those ‘oxidized sebum’ (appears black inside a pore) without effort, but certainly not the stubborn one around the nose.

My best and most favorite way is using Kitchen grape seed oil (on dry skin and with dry hands) for 1-2 minutes gentle massaging every AM and PM, follow by facial cleanser. Seriously, that works wonderfully to keep my pore clean and minimal blackhead, yet cheap and gentle. I’m going to post the review on next week, may be you can check out more if you’re interested.

For this Kanebo Blanchir clay wash, it suitable for oily to combination skin, and it quite gentle. Not recommend to dry skin. Moreover, I’m not sure which Kanebo product is best for blackhead, they gain more rave on their whitening skin care and cosmetic. “V

Tq for replying my email. My skin is oily, sensitive, open pores, continuously blackhead n become pimples. and at the same time I want my skin face looks fairer n brighter. I’m looking for whitenning product and can overcome my skin problem. so which items from kanebo blanchir can I use?

Hello erah, you are welcome.

To be honestly, Kanebo blanchir is mostly gel-based and it could be contributing to blackhead, although light gel-based product is best for oily skin. Daily cleansing and keep the pore clean are most crucial daily care.

For me, Kanebo blanchir is good for moisturizing and slow pace brightening, but definitely not for bleakhead prevention. I suggest you find out the real reasons that caused you breakout, use gentle facial cleanser (prefer non soap based, blanchir clay conditioner is soap-based), and use specific oily skin product (plant or medical) to control the blackhead and acne. Please tackle the acne and blackhead issues first, you might notice the skin will look fairer & brighter when the oiliness is under control and doing proper exfoliation periodically, then only focus on whitening care.

You can read more about your skin issue from and

Of course, you can also consult Kanebo SA as they should know which Kanebo product is good for you. (“v)

oh my god, I had bought 1 set kanebo blanchir yesterday . Kanebo promoter said kanebo blanchir set is for sensitive skin n can control blackhead. She also said for whitenning. I had started use it yesterday, what should I do? Should I stop from using it? I spent my rm500 for buying kanebo blanchir.

Hello erah,

Since that is the case, then just try to see if it suitable for your skin. Individual skin may responses differently to the same product. No worries.

Although I doubt it meant for control blackhead, but overall Kanebo Blanchir is gentle to use. You may also observe closely to see if the range meet your expectations. If you’re free to share, I love to hear your feedback after some time. (“V)

I bought this item but don’t know how to use it…Should I apply it dry on my face directly then wash with water, or mix it with water to form a foam on my palm first before applying to face?

Hi nina,
Thank you for dropping by.

The answer surely the latter one. Add little water to work into lather on palm before sweep over onto the face. Always remember to use the foam of cleanser to remove impurities.

If you use it directly on skin then rinse/foam with water, I can guarantee your skin will become sensitive eventually, in addition, your skin will not be proper cleansed in this way. (“v)

Hi there,

Just wanna let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and your reviews. Keep up the good stuff!

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment. Thanks Nina.

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