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FANCL Washing Powders ( 2009 New Formula)

Posted on: September 9, 2009

FANCL washing powders

The re-formulated version of Fancl washing powders were launched in February 2009 Thailand, both light version for normal-oily skin and normal version for normal-dry skin. Fancl claimed they can create more bubbly foam than its predecessor, as well as cleanses deeply into pores more efficiently. Skin pH formulated, gentle to any skin types.

Time : 13:22

Time : 13:22

Time: 13.23

Time: 13.23

Do ensure the washing powder tightly capped after each usage to avoid habitable humid space for bacteria breeding. The powder became slightly cakey as soon as within a minute, showing it is very well to absorb water. For any preservative-free skin care, just be more aware to strictly follow the product instruction would be good enough. At least I have not experienced any irritation from Fancl products, they have excellent product safety control.

When use with hands, roughly take a teaspoon amount, add a little water to lather into creamy foam. When use with puff, I got to pour at least double of the amount to generate the same amount of foam, thus I only use puff if I want a gentle exfoliating or stronger cleansing.

Fancl Washing Powder-Light

FANCL Washing Powder- Light (650 baht/50g)

The one I bought is limited edition. The skin feels squeaky clean, smooth, no tightness but slightly dryness of skin texture when skin is prone to dehydration, else my skin just refreshing without dryness. I noticed my toner was absorbed faster than usual, not sure if it caused by the powder or the dryness. Anyhow, it works perfectly to well-cleanse the black thingy inside pores in a morning without stripping skin natural moisture barrier. Suggested for normal-oily skin.

Rating: … ))) Excellent Excellent. Willing to buy again.


Mannitol, Sodium Cocoyl/Palmoyl/Sunfloweroyl Glutamate, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, Glucose, Soap Base contained Potassium Salt of Fatty Acid (E), Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Sodium Lauroyl Aspartaye, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Agar, Lauric Acid, Glycerin, Serine, Sodium Polygamma-Glutamate, Allantoin, Dextran Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride.

Fancl Washing Powder

FANCL Washing Powder – Normal (650 baht/50g)

Obviously, this is more hydrating and moisturizing by leaving a very sheen film on skin that silky smooth to touch. It is interesting that skin would be tacky right after I patted dry the face, but the skin turned to silky smooth in minute. The powder creates generous feeling-good creamy foam as well as light version, perhaps greater. Absolutely comfortable but again I feel slightly dryness if my skin is proned to dehydration or when I use it with puff, or rinse with warm water, I guess this happen to all cleansers. Anyhow, it cleanses as good as the light version, absolutely effective to cleanse the oxidized sebum in the morning. Overall good facial wash for comfortable wash in any season, this is also perfect to use either after makeup removal or in a morning.

Rating: … ))) Excellent Excellent. Willing to buy again.


Sodium Cocoyl/Palmoyl/Sunfloweroyl Glutamate, Glucose, Mannitol, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Potassium Myristate, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Sodium Lauroyl Aspartaye, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch, Agar, Serine, Sodium Polygamma Glutamate, Allantoin, Dextran Hydroxypropyl Trimonium Chloride.

My sensitive skin love Fancl washing powders, although they would still cause a tad dryness in dry season. On the other hand, may be I was using them for quite some time, so getting bored recently that I rotated it with other facial wash. Comparing to previous formula, I do think the new formula generates more creamy foam and cleanse better. The retail price is also increased approximate 8%. Both versions are equally good for their skin category.

Due to the mildness and contains no oil ingredient to dissolve the makeup, both can’t remove light makeup effectively with hands, but enough for basic cleansing. For my simple cleansing power test below, the light makeup was apparently only has been removed 30-50% with hands, however it can be removed 70-90% by using washing puff. With no doubt, Fancl has a valid reason to recommend using their washing powder with puff. After all you may adjust your way according to your own need.

Cleansing Power Test (with hands)

(shimmering lipstick and waterproof mascara)

Fancl washing powder test1

Fancl powder wash test2

18 Responses to "FANCL Washing Powders ( 2009 New Formula)"

Great review! Especially when I’m lemming for Fancl!
I;m interested in Fancl’s milky lotion after a Japanese blogger recommended it for my sensitive skin. Have you used the milky lotion?
Also, other than the light version for normal-oily skin and normal version for dry normal skin, what other differences are there?

Hello ns,

My experience with Fancl basic care is quite long time ago, not exactly remember the detail, but it’s a gentle light emulsion. If you don’t have dry skin, it would be nice to try.

Light version is more refreshing and could be more drying than the normal version. Basically I have no problem with both of them all year round, concerning the weather in Bangkok here. “v

Fancl seems to be a very popular brand in Asia. I’ve always wanted to try it out when I go to HK but never got round to it.
You mentioned that the light version can be drying? Do you mean that it contains less moisturising ingredients?

Hi ns,
I know HK even got Fancl health supplement shop. From my experience, Fancl staffs always friendly and I feel free to test all their products at the counter. You may test enough to see if you really like the consistency before purchase. “v

I hardly understand all the ingredients of both washing powders, but I know they contain soap based ingredient plus gentle surfactants derived from amino-acid and soothing ingredients, so both of them might cause dryness depends on your cleansing method and your skin condition. Compare to totally soap based face cleanser and those are using harsh surfactants as cleansing agents, I do think Fancl’s is a gentle option. On the other side, no colorant, fragrance and preservative (most washing powders I know are preservative free) included, the possibility of getting skin irritation also reduced.

I admit there are many good cleansers could be better than Fancl’s out there especially those 100% natural plant based. I’d suggest Fancl’s if you want to give a try for washing powder. (“v)

I’ve never been into HK Fancl before, so its great to know that they arent pushy and hard selling. I will definately test out the milky lotions at the counters and maybe ask the SA if they could give me some samples if I purchase one bottle of the milky lotion, that way I can test it out on my face.

It would be great to actually go shopping with you, you know so much about the ingredients!

I’;ve also read many other reviews for Fancl and it seems to me that the brand is very average and many complained that the expiry date is too short and so the product is wasted before anyone can use it up.
I love the concept of a washing powder, and have just used HABA’s one, but it broke me out and it just didnt foam up. I cannot be bothered buying a puff to get it to foam, as I’m so lazy in the morning and do not want to go through so many beauty/skincare steps.


Hi ns, the thing I learnt is not to be shy to voice out your thought to the SA, after all we have nothing to lose.”v

If you purchase Fancl washing powder, the SA will give you a free foam up ball (the yellow and blue one in my first attached picture), but the ball will not foam up well as the puff and I didn’t bother to use too. Personally I only love few of Fancl’s stuff such as Mild cleansing oil, washing powders and supplements. Their anti-aging line simply broke me out.

I was very surprise you broke out with HABA’s one, I have tried it and I love it didn’t cause dryness to me, and it does foam fairly. May be the tap water in our country is different. HABA’s powder wash contains a gentle moisturizing oil ingredient – Squalane that mimics our skin natural oil, it is actually their Star ingredient. Anyhow, a moisturizer with high Squalane content also broke me out in the past.

Guess you have oilier skin and you may like Fancl’s light version one more than the normal version. By the way, my ingredient knowledge is very superficial, still in learning process, and thanks so much for your compliment. For skin care passion, we share together. “v

Yes, I have to talk to the SA more. But I do find them very annoying sometimes, especially the SAs in Hong Kong. They follow you around and simply hard sell you anything and everything, even though you’ve expressed that you have such and such requirements. At times, that does get to me and I find myself to be rude to them, which I later regret cos they’re just doing their jobs.

I have read that many people only like a few of Fancl’s products. I didnt even know they have an anti ageing line, never seen it advertised.

Yes, I’ve read many rave reviews for the HABA washing powder, but I think its the papain or the sqaulane that breaks me out, which is why I sometimes avoid products that has squalane at the top of the ingredients list. Even though I cannot be sure it causes breakouts, I simply do not want another breakout on top of my acne! But I will take the plunge of using squalane when I have a good skin day.

My skin is hard to describe–it can be oily then normal then dry and flakey then combi, always rotates.

You certainly know a lot more than me. I keep trying to remember the skincare benefits of each ingredient but sometimes reading certain excerpts of Dr X just puts me to sleep!

Keep up with the reviews. I thoroughly enjoy them
Thanks 🙂

Haha.., I can understand the feeling that most of the SAs are too aggressive. I normally will let the SA know with a smiley face that if I need her/his help, I’ll ask her/his comment, usually they will keep a distance to me then. Sometimes I just let them follow me as long as they don’t talk too much. Or, if the SA doesn’t speak fluent English, then speak very good English to them, Ha.

Fancl anti-aging line included skincare DX (orange color, for mature skin) and the beauty concentrate. I only tried the concentrate before, very nourishing.

Ya ya, my skin condition also rotates, probably due to the environment or skin care products/method.

Thanks again for your support, I really appreciate that and you made my day! “v

Even if you tell them nicely that you’d ask them for help when needed, they still follow you around and make suggestions for everything that you touch. Lol at speaking in English! I try to do this when I shop alone, as when I’m with a friend or someone, I have to speak Chinese.

I love what you’re doing and your blog. Its so helpful for us to see pics of the product, see the ingredients list and keep up to date with the new skincare/cosmetics in Asia – its so hard to find an English blog with Asian product reviews

I see… that’s not something pleasant to me too, most of time I’ll just ignore the SA then. Anyway, just try to take it easy because shopping is suppose to be fun and relax. Think positively, sometimes I found the SA was very generous on samples if I was friendly toward them. “v

You’re very welcome. I think every blogger has their own personality and style, I just putting what I want to see and read from a review. But I wasn’t satisfied with the photo editing, all I’ve for that is a 8 yrs old dig camera and Paint from Mircosoft, plus my unskillful shooting, poor English and limited time for blogging. “/ Anyhow I rather treat this blog as my hobby and sharing platform, so tried to take it easy. For beauty news, I actually get updated with Asia monthly beauty mag. There are also many informative English beauty blogs that have so much passion for Asia cosmetics, you may goggle them online via certain product review to find you love one. “v

Have a nice day.

Some SAs are really nice and helpful, and give samples without me having to ask for them. I’ve met a few but they are hard to find!

I think the main hassle with blogging is editing. I didnt know it takes such a long time to upload photos, but a review with photos are so much better than just a written only review. Its much more informative. I’ve been meaning to do a beauty blog but after writing a few posts on my own personal travel blog, it does get a bit tiring!

I only know a few English blogs that write about Asian beauty, there are many bloggers that are based in Europe and US. but its hard to find an Asian beauty blogger writing about Asian products.

Hi ns,

Yes, pictures are very informative and the term we used for describe is always subjective. May be you can try to downsize the photo size, it is much easier to upload, as well as downloading. This may reduces the fineness of the photo, but the size can be reduced slightly even if you only crop a little bit of the photo, but that’s also very time-consuming too.

You have a blog? May be you can share with me too. If you can read Chinese, you may also want to catch up the latest Asia beauty news via a Taiwan beauty site : “v


Lol its all those computer terms that makes me have a “huh” moment. My friend was just telling me about reducing the pictures and bulk uploading so its a quicker process but I had no idea we could do that to pictures!

Yeah, I have a blog. But its nothing to do with beauty, just 4-5 posts recording my holiday

I will check out that website…using Google Translate, as I cant really read Chinese. Thanks!

Hey, just try the bulk uploading to see if that works, it’s not feasible in my case as I tried before.

Thanks for all your comments and have a nice day!(^^)

I’m a computer dummy so I have no idea how to work the softwares and everything
Keep the reviews coming…Thanks!

Sure, Thanks! (^^)

Hi there… sorry if this is a strange comment, but I’m wondering if you can let me know where to buy Fancl product in bangkok?
I just got here, and forgotten to pack some stuff
Tried loading the fancl thailand site, but doesn’t seem to be working

Thanks in advance

Hello ling,
This is not a strange comment but absolutely make sense, because Fancl had withdrawn from Thailand since November 2009. When their website started not updating, I checked Isetan, Siam Paragon and Emporium, found out Fancl counter had been replaced by other brand. These shopping mall are most Japanese brands stationed, so that is sad.

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