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FANCL Washing Puff

Posted on: September 6, 2009

Fancl puff and hanger

I always given the sponge balls as part of  Fancl washing powder purchase, for me, using hand is more straight forward, but since there is a free sweetheart puff given, I wouldn’t mind to use together then.


According to Fancl, the puff is made with skin-friendly soft natural material “crabion fiber” and “polylactic acid fiber”. The loop piled surface gives moderate massage to skin, helps skin cells turn over for the clear smooth skin.

Fancl puff original

Direction for use: First, wet the sponge with lukewarm water and squeeze out excess water. Pour teaspoonful of Cleansing powder onto the puff. Rub the powder into the puff and squeeze it few times to lather. Gently massage the face (from inside to the outside).

Fancl puff-manual

The puff isn’t to be used in circular motion on face, but in outward stroke as shown in the manual. I’ve not used the normal-shaped Fancl puff, but with the heart-shaped Fancl puff, it has more angles that more user friendly for certain spots, such as nose area.

pour powder onto puff

I did follow the given instruction, but couldn’t foam up much with puff, later I realized I got to pour the powder all over the puff (about 1 tbsp) onto the puff in order to generate generous creamy subs. No wonder I couldn’t finish the washing powder by using hands in 60 days fresh period (once opened) in the past eventhough I diligently used day and night. With hands, only a tsp is enough to foam up. Now I see.

foam up

Do avoid using puff whenever skin is prone to sensitivity or breaking out. The puff is dense and soft, gentle on skin as abundant creamy foam acts like cushion in between, I was wrong that I thought it would irritates my skin initially. It does mild exfoliating, the skin would feels smoother afterward, but using hands also delivered very clean result too. In concern of sensitive skin, I only use it occasionally.

Fancl foam3

Love the quality of the puff. I’ve used Fancl 2ways foundation and the foundation sponge really excellent in quality! Together with the given hanger, the puff has his residing place. Praise the puff was still staying in good condition and clean after 7 months now.

To avoid bacteria and for maintenance sake, remember to rinse the puff properly with water each time, and hang near to well-ventilated spot in bathroom. I am interested to know its durablity, if one day I find it no longer ‘healthy’, I will update the post again. Fancl puff retails for 250 baht in Thailand.

Rating: ….))) Excellent Excellent.

4 Responses to "FANCL Washing Puff"

woaa .. interesting! is it used only to multiply the bubbles or being used to massage the face too?

Hi mapple,
It does both. “v

ups I forget to tell that I have a blog award for u. Kindly check^^

Mapple, thank you so much for such an appreciation from you, it’s totally lovely and it meant so much to me.

I don’t read many blog on daily basis but I’ll try to sort out the list in this month though I don’t have a clear idea of the award.

Thanks again!

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