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Kanebo Lunasol creamy mu base sample

According to Kanebo, Lunasol creamy makeup base improves adhesiveness of foundation and maintains moisture. After conditioning with a lotion and emulsion, take 1-2 pearl-sized drops and spread over the entire skin.


Kanebo Lunasol creamy mu base content


The consistency of the makeup base is creamy and fluffy soft, didn’t notice any fragrance. The pinkish cream contains very fine shimmer-particles, brighten up and even up the complexion instantly, and it also settled almost immediately onto skin. Please refer to below picture (a), the left side was bare skin, while right side with Lunasol creamy makeup base. Clearly, the right side was shimmering and brightening, having smoother texture.


picture [a]-test on hand

picture (a)

 Left: Bare skin     Right: With Lunasol creamy makeup base


Later I gently patted a sheer layer of a powder foundation on the entire hand as shown in picture (b). The left side (without the makeup base) was ordinary-looking, while the right side was brighter and brought out the pigmentation of the foundation better. When applied a thick layer of a medium coverage powder foundation on the entire hand as per picture (c), the left side (without the makeup base) was looking dry, the right side was luminious and minimizes the appearane of lines. Both sides are smooth. 


picture [b]-test on hand w sheer powder

picture (b)

  Left: Bare skin     Right: With Lunasol creamy makeup base

(With a sheer coverage powder foundation on both sides)


picture (c)

picture (c)

Left: Bare skin     Right: With Lunasol creamy makeup base

(With a medium coverage powder foundation on both sides)


Frankly, I wouldn’t discover the good points of this creamy makeup base if I didn’t test on hand because the finish on face was very similar to I put on a sheer layer of an emoilient cream or shimmering sunscreen, but of course emoilient cream won’t be settled instantly.


picture [d]

picture (d)

 With Lunasol creamy makeup base on


The Lunasol creamy makeup base has no coverage basically, it does moderately minimize the pores and fine lines by the smooth and subtle shimmering coating. My skin imperfections were lightly diffuse optically, given subtle glowing finish with a matte powder foundation as shown in picture (d). On the other hand, I do think my skin took longer time to become oily, no touch-up needed in air-conditioned environment for 8 hours, though the finish will turns to dewy after few hours. Not to mention the good points is invisible pores and skin will not look flattening under office light. That doesn’t mean my skin is oily, at least I didn’t sense anything lardy when touching the skin.


picture (e)

With both Lunasol creamy makeup base and water cream foundation on  


With its best affiliate, Lunasol water cream foundation, the finish was indeed dewy and luminious as per picture (e). Creamy makeup base* plus Lunasol water cream foundation* equal to [ better  pigmented of the foundation, smoother finish, full coverage, better (excellent) pore concealing ability, and helps the cream foundation stay put longer time ]. You might surprise the skin with both the makeup base and cream foundation was fresher and non-greasy to touch than the skin with the cream foundation alone. Obviously this creamy makeup base is not just improves adhesiveness of foundation and maintains moisture as Kanebo says! The overall dewy finish makes me think of using Hanskin BB cream. If you don’t want a full coverage dewy look, the Lunasol water cream foundation itself already gives very beautiful semi-luminous finish.


Comparing to Lancome UV Expert makeup base, Lancome’s is thicker and able to change the dull skin tone dramatically. Lunasol’s is for those whose want a smooth brightening without changing skin tone intensively, both are good in my opinion.


Overall I am satisfied with this creamy makeup base, it  subtly even up, brighten up, holds the foundation for longer time, bring out pigmentation better, provides smoother and moisture base, makes pore visibly smaller, settles instantly, and non-greasy most importantly. I will not rush to purchase the 30ml full size immediately, but definitely KIV this stuff. Nevertheless, this makeup base will not be moisture enough if I have not done a proper moisture job underneath, for me it works great on top of the drying milky sunblock to provide moisture base for foundation. Now I am a firm believer of makeup base, they make differences.


Rating: ….)))   Excellent  Excellent.



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