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Clinique longlast glosswear SPF15


What Clinique said about the Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 is the lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Apply it alone or over Clinique lipstick to create a fuller look.

Some dermatologists believe the clear and shinny surface created by lip gloss/lip balm will actually increasing UV rays penetration through the lip surface than on bare lips. Thus, increased the risk of skin cancer. This has no enough scientifically evidences back up, believe it or not, I will feel safer to put those shinny lip product with SPF protection on lips.





Got the Long Last Glosswear as GWP. I feel the gooey consistency is thick, leaving lips tacky but the tiny brush is quite easy to spread a sheer layer on lips. The finish is pretty, the lip gloss itself leaves a smooth water shine film on lip, make the lips look fuller, even the lip lines are less visible.  May be the shade is very natural so it looks like my own lip color and the shimmer particles is not conspicuous, too.


under shadow

under shadow


with sunlight

with sunlight


This is my first cosmetic lip gloss so I can’t compare. As the lip gloss is very tacky, so it was moisture and quite long wearing. After a proper meal, it almost gone, but a light snack or warm drink won’t take it away. Besides, this doesn’t stain, at least no visible stain.




I already have plump lip and prefer frosty shine lipstick, but I really like how the lip gloss looks on lips, so probably will try more lip gloss in future. The gift sample contains 2.3ml, can lasts me some time. Normal retail price is THB 700 for 7.3ml, has 18 glittering shades to choose from.


Rating: … )))  Excellent   Excellent.


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