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KOSÉ Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion I

Posted on: August 8, 2009


Kose Sekkisei Supreme lotionI

I thought I’d never return to Kose Sekkisei again, an incident happen few months ago had changed my mind. Firstly, I’ve learnt that alcohol is a necessary solvent for some oriental herb ingredients, so completely avoid alcohol is not a good idea if you love oriental herb skincare. Secondly, I had major broke out in early May, either hormonal or caused by cosmetics, everything I’ve couldn’t stop and heal the red bumps in 3 weeks, until I recalled I still have 40ml of Sekkisei lotion nestled inside my drawer. So I saturated the Sekkisei lotion on a cotton pad, tore to 4 layers and placed on acne spots after cleansing. It was unbelievable that the acnes was immediately calm down on the night, at least they didn’t look ‘angry’ anymore. By doing so for 3 nights continuosly, the acnes completely flatten but not healed, only drawback is it made my nose flaky.


The incident had explained why I checked out at Kose counter again, find out about their 2009 newly-launched Sekkisei Supreme line. Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion has both I and II for different skin type, type I (moist) for oily to combination skin, were type II (very moist) is for normal to dry skin, which contains alcohol as second ingredient also and mineral oil in middle. Due to my skin became oilier in summer, so I got the type I.


The consistency of the lotion is watery, semi-opaque, pleasant floral fragranced but very perfumery, has strong alcohol smell like Sekkisei lotion. Essentially, the credit of this lotion is brightening. When I  used the lotion in summer morning, it absorbed quickly, subsequent skincare are also absorbed faster than usual and T-zone also less oily. It didn’t irritate my sensitive skin except caused dehydration when I used it daily.


Kose Aqua strectch mask test

Aqua stretch mask time


The sales assistant gave me 2 pieces of Aqua Stretch Mask for working together with the Supreme Refining Lotion. Totally love the cotton sheet mask! It was really soft like baby hair, too bad it was not for sell. The mask is quite mini-sized, but can be fully stretchable to sturdy fit the individual face. Try to  avoid eye area for the very strong alcohol might irritate eye. After 10 mins application, to my amaze, my complexion was so radiant, refresh and dewy! Exactly as Kose claims, refine, hydrate and replenish! I never expected a high alcohol level toner could deliver such wonderful result because some paper mask or cream cannot even achieve that. The bright complexion was  sustainable for entire day but side effect included vivid broken capillaries.


Due to my sensitive skin and the alcohol content of lotion, I  preferred using the lotion for weekly mask treatment with Kose lotion mask (though result far far away from the Aqua Stretch Mask), but avoid when my skin is more sensitive. For acne care (although I hardly have one now), saturate a cotton pad with the lotion completely, split the damp cotton pad into 4 pieces, and place on targeted spot for 10-15 minutes. The cotton pads should be still very wet after the application. The refining lotion neither calm down the acne nor heal the acne, may be help to fade the acne scars. Guess Sekkisei lotion is better for acne care but is more drying.


Cotton pad mask demo

Cotton pad mask demo


Using Sekkisei Supreme refining lotion as weekly mask is quite expensive by doing so, but that is effective to me and I only do this in summer. I have used whole range of Kose Sekkisei previously, I agree with Kose “Snow Bright Skin” promise as well as the brightening promise from the Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion. Bought the Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion at special promotional price 1260 baht for 230ml, normal retail price is 1850 baht.


Rating: ….)))   Good Good. Unlikely to buy again.



Water (Aqua), Alcohol, Glycerin, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Extract, Coix Lacryma-Jobi Ma-Yuen Seed Water, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Melothria Heterophylla Root Extract, Polygonum Tinctorium Leaf/Stem Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylene Glycol, Citric Acid, DI-C12-15 Pareth-8 Phosphate, Ethyl Oleate, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Polysorbate 80, Sodium Citrate, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Triethylhexanoin, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance (Parfum).


Kose Aqua Stretch Mask

Kose Aqua Stretch Mask

Before (left) and After (right)

Before (left) and After (right)

Close view of the mask's texture

Close view of the mask's texture

Using cotton pad with lotion

Using cotton pad with lotion



16 Responses to "KOSÉ Sekkisei Supreme Refining Lotion I"

Kose products seem quite effective based on a few reviews I’ve read. But I can’t remember if I’ve ever tried…probably if I did, it was probably a short period that’s why I have no memory of any sorts.

I was told that some products have to use alcohol to hold the ingredients together, even under natural and organic line. It really depends on the formulation and if they have other technology to substitute. In fact, yesterday I sort of struggled if I should try out a new sunscreen because it contains plant based alcohol. Initially I was resistant, then I caved in when I realized that the alcohol is listed near the bottom.

Hi sesame,
Kose is the only brand that I’ve tried so far that delivered translucent whitening effect, but they are really quite irritating to sensitive skin.

Yes, I agree with you. What’s in my mind is, use whatever you feel comfortable with it. I still prefer alcohol free product, too bad sometimes I just couldn’t resist to try out new product. (“p)

for beauty skin . i will be again.

Hi accord,

Thanks for dropping by.

I ‘ve read your article and agree that many emulsifier, opacifying agent…etc actually hinder the small molecule of active ingredients from penetrating deeply into skin. That’s one of the reason we read ingredient list to get some clues. (“v)

[…] pad to expedite absorption. Anyway, the winner of the lotion mask in my heart at this moment is the Kose Aqua Stretch Mask that given as free gift, the only thing is it’s not for […]

[…] notice any obvious change of my skin tone because I was with other brightening care such as Sekkisei Supreme Lotion and DHC Retino A Pack, thus my skin tone is consistently looking even and bright (but not clear), […]

Hi, is this more effective the blue bottle one?

Hi yee,
I would say both are pretty similar in term of effectiveness, I couldn’t judge which one is better. “v

my skin is sensitive and oily expecially at T-zone…which range of kose product is suitable for me???

Hi Tye Ai Lin,
Frankly, I won’t suggest Kose for sensitive skin because most of Kose’s products contain high-level alcohol and alcohol is known as irritant especially for sensitive skin. However, most of the time product formulation is the key point. Speaking of my personal experience with Kose, my naturally sensitive skin had no problem using all of them but with daily use, I did notice my broken capillaries were very obvious and skin became very dehydrated and vulnerable in dry season (dry skin tends to be vulnerable). As such, I recommend you not to use alcohol-based product for long term.

Technically Kose has several ranges aim for different skin care purpose, such as Sekkisei for whitening, Moisture Repair for hydration(this is Kose SA suggested for my sensitive skin type), Junkisui for acne care…etc. Each range has their own product for different skin types, such as emulsion for oily to normal skin and cream for dry skin. Therefore, your age range and what you ask for skin care are important criteria for other to suggest. (“v) You can also consult Kose beauty assistant since they know their product best. (Kose Malaysia has facebook account)

Hi, this is my first time to try out Kose Supreme products. I bought this product with promotion package today (cleanser, mosturiser I and renining toner). I can see the result after a few hours when I use it for the first time, I look brighter and moisture, I think I’m loving it now.

Hi shanice,
The Kose promotion package always has good value. Glad to know Sekkisei Supreme works for you too. That is impressive the products show some positive effect after a short time, I only tried Sekkisei Supreme cleanser and lotion, even the lotion alone had given good result as a lotion-mask. (“v)

Hi, I am 42yrs and an Indian. I used to have fair and flawless skin in my thirties.However now I have developed mild pigmentation and freckles.I also have dark circles esp the upper lids.I am used Dr. Cilabo photo white c Laser plus twice a day now.What else should I use or what beauty regimen should I follow to regain my fairer(2shades atleast) complexion? Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Diya,
Sorry for the late response since I didn’t access to this blog in past few days.

One of the common cause of the pigmentation occurred after 30s or after giving birth are due to hormone fluctuation, however you need to consult dermatologist to fully understand what type of pigmentation they are.

Using whitening product is one of the step to help and improve the pigmentation, besides, you need to minimize UV exposure too. In my opinion, if you want to fully get rid of those pigmentation then costly clinical solution can be considered. Have balanced diet, especially those rich in Vitamin C. Exercise regularly, that really helps for metabolism and gives radiant tone to your skin. Lastly, try to stay positive…(” v) or use something to release your stress (such as aromatherapy). Frankly, beauty and health are correlated. If you able to do these for a week, I’m sure you will notice the difference within a month.

hi may I know the kose aqua mask is it good for sensitive n dry skin ?

Hi Rachel,

The Kose aqua mask in my review hydrated my dehydrated skin fairly well but I believe it won’t be the complete solution. The skin still need moisture binding agent and lipid to lock the moisture in skin.

As Kose Sekkisei contains high level of alcohol, I don’t recommend it for dry & sensitive skin as alcohol can make dry skin worse. It is best to use in humid & hot climate. You can try the product at beauty counter and see if your skin like it or not. (“v)

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