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KOSÉ Lotion Mask

Posted on: August 4, 2009


Kose lotion mask1


Probably Japanese is the one who invent the concept of using toner as mask. The concept of lotion mask is something like soaking the skin with water, whether it’s practical or not, I believe the approach will help the ingredients absorb better into skin, but only with a good quality of sheet mask.


Direction for use:


put the mask into cap

put the mask into cap

pour lotion into cap

pour lotion into cap

lotion absorbed in a second

lotion absorbed in a second

lotion mask time (5-10 minutes)

lotion mask time (5-10 minutes)


I’ve tried low quality S brand paper mask that bought from supermarket which only costs me 65 baht for 12 pieces, it’s half price of Kose’s one that cost 135 baht for 14 pieces. Also I’ve tried cotton pad method (saturate cotton pads with the lotion completely, split the damp cotton pads into few pieces, and place on skin for 5-10 minutes). Among the three methods, I actually preferred cotton pad eventhough Kose lotion mask is convenient.


The S brand's and Kose's

The S brand's and Kose's


For the S brand or a low grade mask, the mask absorbed lotion too well that left nothing much for skin, thus wasting the lotion. And it doesn’t adhere to skin tightly. For the Kose lotion mask, the quality is much better. It’s very thin thus less lotion required compare to S brand’s one, in fact it only can absorb limited amount of lotion. The mask has many tiny holes but I wasn’t sure what the purpose is. To be honest, the Kose lotion didn’t perform better than the S brand’s apparently. Finally, for the cotton pad method, this shows best result amid the three and the cotton pads still very wet after 5-10 mins that I could even easily squeeze some lotion out. The drawbacks of cotton pad method are, it never fitted entire face, sometimes it didn’t stick to skin tightly and need constantly pat the cotton pad to expedite absorption. Anyway, the winner of the lotion mask in my heart at this moment is the Kose Aqua Stretch Mask that given as free gift, the only thing is it’s not for sale.


cotton pads method

cotton pads method


Left: S brand   Right: Kose lotion mask 

 Left: S brand                                   Right: Kose lotion mask


Currently I used lotion mask together with Kose Sekkisei Supreme refining lotion I, somehow I rather believe the whitening effect is expedited compare to normal toner use, but skin is prone to redness too. Also tried for Vichy Hydra-Perfecting toner, the result is quite satisfiable, skin texture looks more hydrating, remember please don’t leave the mask more than 5-10 minutes, else skin is oversoaked. Besides, I was curious what if with mineral water? Would it deliver like Vichy’s? Ha! It did.




For the quality of the lotion mask, I think Kose lotion mask isn’t thick enough to be effectively helping ingredient penetration, based on my experience, cotton type mask is the best. For instance, SK-II whitening source derm-revival mask or cotton pads for budget approach. May be that’s why many western cosmetic giants didn’t even bother the concept of  lotion mask.


Rating: … )))  Satisfied  Satisfied. Unlikely to buy again.


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