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SF blackbean brow pencil main


I’ve been using eyebrow pencil in black for more than 15 years now even though I dye my hair to cappuccino once in a while. Recently I found out black-brown will look better on me, so I keep my eyes searching for a right browny shade all the time. There are so many kinds of brown shades to choose from, picking the right shade might require trial-and-error, even roaming from brand to brand.


swatch (without light)

swatch (under shadow)


I got the SkinFood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil #6 (dark brown) as recommended by the sales girl. It looks pretty right browny when I tested on my hand at the store, thus I was immediately sold plus I was in rush.


swatch (with light)

swatch (with light)


Agreed that the brown appears softy dark on me, happy with it until I saw the brown under sunlight. The brown appears crimson-brown that contrast to my natural black brow. I feel it looks very unnatural on me because I don’t have any red of my hair. To solve, I blend it with black shade brow pencil for unevenly black-brown that I was intended looking for. The method is too tedious, I give up after trying for a month, now I reserve this Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil strictly for night only. Later I got another perfect black brown shade brow pencil (Coffee Brown) at half of the SkinFood’s price for day use.


Despite the incorrect shade, the flat-oval shaped brow cartridge  is simply awesome! It is soft-medium, crayon-textured, draw on easily, the pigment remains the same regardless you are heavy handed or light handed, very long-wearing and can be easily remove by facial cleanser. The pencil casing itself is also weightless, classy design that I like it to exist in my makeup pouch. The capped medium-hard brush is easy to use, but I seldom need it at all because the finish already looks good.


The original length of the cartridge is 2.4cm, can be tune in and out, but it’s not refillable. I truly love the convenience of cartridge type of brow pencil, sadly they aren’t long-lasting compare to sharpening required brow pencil. The Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil estimated lasts for 6 months with single  application daily.


Bought this RM14.90 in Malaysia. I degraded the rating for the wrong shade. According to the sales girl, No.6 is their most popular choice and it gains rave in Thailand as well.


Rating: … )))  Good  Good. Unlikely to buy again.



Test, test, test…


nude brow

nude brow

with SkinFood black bean#6

with SkinFood black bean#6


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