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SkinFood Honey Melon Hand Balm

Posted on: June 25, 2009


I was happy with SkinFood Cacao Hand Balm, so when I had finished it I was thinking to get another one from SkinFood, since I hearted butter consistency of hand balm. Honey Melon hand balm contains honey melon and lime extract, rich in vitamin C. It has butter-like consistency, moisturizing, easy to spread, non-greasy and settle instantly. The honey melon scent is also freshly sweet to me.


Like the balm keeps my hand proper moistured in air-conditioned environment with no greasy feel but too greasy in normal room temperature. I don’t feel right to touch things with greasy hand with those extra moist hand care. On the other hand, the Honey Melon hand balm was not that effective and efficient of healing hard rough skin, but performs much better if you use it together with cotton glove or cotton shocks at night, the rough skin did really much softer overnight but didn’t remove it along daily use eventually. Notably, this is not for my “heavy-loaded” hand, I will go back to the Cacao hand balm.


If you don’t have special rough, dry, cracked hand to take care everyday, the Honey Melon hand balm is worth to try. I used it almost every night, and it lasted for 2 months. Bought it RM25.90 in Malaysia.


Rating: … )))  good  Good. Unlikely to buy again.





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