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This is my very first formal visit to Kanebo counter. First, I was extremely surprised that the Kanebo skin analyzer concluded I’ve oily skin! The beauty consultant inputted my age group, and then used a handheld scanner to read my skin on both cheek and forehead, took few minutes, then system finalized my skin condition by a chart with solution suggested.


I agreed that I’ve oily skin in young age, but I was very affirming that I’m with typical combination skin now. During hot and humid weather, I’ve oily T-zone and normal U-zone, while in cool and dry weather; I’ve normal T-zone and dry U-zone. Because of sensitive skin nature, my skin is easily dehydrated. That’s quite fair and logical to explain the result of the skin analyzer. The result came in few aspects, I got lowest rating on cleansing and sebum; below average on UV protection, moisture and elasticity; excellent on Whitening and Metabolism&Revitalizing. Couldn’t fully understand what data were being analyzed because I did exfoliate my skin 1-2 times weekly and wear sunblock everyday. Perhaps the A.I system unbiased and inflexibly take into account of my freckles, acne scars, broken capillaries… etc. Besides, that’s quite sad to know my skin firmness is below average in my age group although I knew years ago, but my efforts seem not reach to the Kanebo standard yet. In fact I didn’t take very seriously of the result but it surely got me self-questioning and carefully revise my skincare routine again., Kanebo skin analyzer!


Besides the skin test, I also underwent Kanebo Impress makeup. I was very curious how their premium line, Impress compare to Kanebo drugstore line Kate, so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to browse through the luxurious priced Impress.


The beauty consultant removed my base makeup by cleansing water, applied Impress makeup base which smoothen skin, so my skin looks refresh and non-oily. Then she applied the pink shade PO-B of Impress powder foundation on me, my goodness! My skin is so silky smooth and bright! The beauty consultant  topped up Impress highlighter and Lunasol blusher, finally Lunasol lipstick to complete the base makeup. Love the highlighter is very fine shimmering, the fine glitter-particles could be noticed in close view. When I told the beauty consultant  that I wanted to try Coffret D’or stick concealer, she recommended Impress Filter Protector instead because Coffret D’or stick concealer wasn’t good enough according to her. I wasn’t sold of any makeup at the end. In fact I wouldn’t mind to pay the high price as long as they prove themselves but I was much worry of breaking out, yet my skin looks quite powdery and dry!


samples given

samples given


At the end I left with Blanchir purchase and a ton of both Impress and Lunasol samples. Thanks to the generous lady because I only asked for a pack of sample initially. I’ll review the Impress makeup base and powder foundation samples in separate post to give you more detailed view, but not so soon.


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