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FANCL Aojiru

Posted on: May 25, 2009



Fancl Aojiru is a Japanese vegetable that compressed in powder form. Aojiru rich in water soluble Fibre, DFA III and SOD. It’s best to drink in the morning to start an energetic day.


The Fancl Aojiru that I’m reviewing  is the relauched version in 2008. I only took the powder whenever I wasn’t eating enough vegetable during the trip or when I feel fatigued on the day. To drink, add the green powder into a glass of warm drinking water. Admittedly, the green juice is really yucky to swallow, I can’t even drink it plain that I must added three teaspoons of chocolate powder to dilute the unpleasant taste, and drink it cold.


The taste of the Fancl Aojiru is neither bitter nor sour, just kind of drying vegetable smell. I’ll be fine to bear the taste if it’s in pill form. Anyway, the Fancl Aojiru is simply awesome being an energy drink and give me very good complexion on the day.


The retail price of  Fancl Aojiru is 450 baht for 4.2g x 10 sachet, each sachet approximately equivalent to 40g of Aojiru leaf, expensive but healthy company for busy schedule and very convenient to take along with trip.




7 Responses to "FANCL Aojiru"

Where can I get it here in Bangkok? Thanks. 🙂

Hi Aims,

Thanks for dropping by and sorry for late reply that I wasn’t online these few days.

Fancl beauty counter is accessible at Beauty hall Siam Paragon*, Isetan dept store CentralWorld, Beauty hall Emporium* or Central Bangna.

* you may get 5% discount card if you are with tourist visa.

Do you know by any chance if I can get Fancl products in Chaing Mai? I have been desperately looking for it, but still no luck! 😦

Hi Aims,

Unfortunately Fancl had withdrawn from Thailand market several years ago. (“c)

Thanks! 🙂

[…] have Fancl Aojiru previously, the unpleasant taste put me off though it is really good, DHC Mixed Vegetable is good […]

[…] – known in English as Green Juice. You can find out more details about it at Wikipedia or Beautyknot; or alternatively, the packaging has all the details. Each 4.2g stick contains about 40g of yellow […]

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