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Headache about my frizzy airy hair.


I have long hair with naturally mild wavy on lower part of hair, just like many Caucasian girls. My hair is dry, fine, frizzy, voluminous, considering healthy now as I haven’t done any re-bonding/dying/perming in recent 2 years.


That’s quite annoying when I have to spend longer time on hair more than face every morning. Re-bonding saved time on hair but, really damaged the hair badly. I did try different hair styling products such as hair gel, hair wax, hair spray and hair mousse; and hair treatment products like hair serum, hair lotion, hair gel, hair spray… to no avail to my expectation for an effective all-round hair product. At the end I lost my patience by just mixed two drops of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in daily shampoo during shower for my frizzy hair. This method eventually caused oily scalp.





Oil is really the best for my hair issues. Apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil direct on the lower part of hair only dully flatten down the hair.  While DHC After Bath Treatment Oil is quite light-weighted, I usually apply 1-2 pumps on lower part of hair, and use the residue on upper part of hair (middle of hair length). The hair is immediately smoothen and becoming silky, yet it doesn’t flatten the hair. The effect very similar like using a hair mousse, leaving hair bouncy, voluminous, soft, de-frizz, non-oily, moisturizing and easily manage.



A squirt


What DHC says about this product


 Frizz fighter. Add shine and tame frizzies, without weighing hair down, with this light, silky-feeling oil. Enriched with virgin olive oil and nourishing, moisturizing ingredientsincluding olive squalane and shea buttersoothe split ends and dryness and bring back vibrancy. Enjoy the light floral fragrance of rose and geranium.”


Like what I care about skincare more than makeup, the treatment botanical ingredients of the DHC After Bath Treatment Oil definitely wins over styling purpose hair mousse.


In dry weather, I need 1-3 pumps per use, else 1-2 pumps are enough depending on the length of hair. Using twice a day, day and night, after bath on damp hair and on dry hair before go out for work. I can’t describe the mild fragrance, but it smells like botanical essential oil to me which I found it pleasant.


Before –  dry, frizzy hair

After – it temporary soothes the frizziness but still, hair is less drying

Use after bath on wet hair, it saved a lot of work


I recommend prolong use of the After Bath Treatment Oil to show long-term benefits and to maintain the baby soft hair. Initially, the result of using After Bath Treatment Oil is simply feel like I had used a hair conditioner everyday to have the softly silky hair. The de-frizz effect didn’t long-lasting entire day, however the smooth silky hair is quite impossible to get tangle. If you use hair conditioner and hair mousse daily for my kind of hair issues, you may skip the DHC After Bath Treatment Oil. For me, I skipped the hair conditioner and hair mousse daily by using the treatment oil daily. After all, periodically hair conditioning and treatment still crucial.


My previous favorite treatment hair gel had been discontinued many years ago, I am glad that I have found the After Bath Treatment oil take care my hair issues. The DHC After Bath Treatment oil retails at 590 baht for 100ml. I bought it during the promotion at cheaper price and the bottle lasts me nearly 3 months with twice per day.


Rating: …)))  excellent  Excellent. Willing to buy again.



Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Squalane, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Cyclohexasiloxane, Olea Europaea (olive) Fruit Oil, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Tocopherol, Fragrance/parfum.



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