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DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Mask contains Alpha Arbutin as its potent ingredient where many specialists believe Alpha version of arbutin is more stable and works more effectively to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, leading skin lightening more efficiently.


The Mask is fragrance-free, no coloring and close to skin pH, the 12ml content seems like fully absorbed by the sheet mask by not leaving any extra essence in the pack.The paper mask could be stretchable gently, the cutting of DHC mask didn’t fit well on my face, it was too large on me but will be just nice for those have round face.


The consistency of the essence is watery clear liquid, I leave the mask on face for 20 minutes, then just put on moisturizer without rinse off. No worries of breakout because the essence really lightweight like toner. Although I hardly get dullness over past few months, but I still notice slightly brightening and hydrating effects after the application. I gave a piece of the mask to my SO who has originally fair skin but medium tanned now, I have not noticed any instant obviously brightening effect on him.


By the way, if you are sun-tanning, please make sure your skin is already calmly soothed before any whitening treatment, else your skin most probably get sensitive inflamed and take longer time to recover the brightness.


The DHC Alpha-Arbutin White Mask costs me 550 baht per box, each box contains 5 sheets with 12ml essence per sheet.


Rating: …))) good  Good. May buy again.



Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium PCA, Phenoxyethanol, Morus Alba Root Extract, Alpha-Arbutin, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Hyaluronate, 1-Methylhydantoin-2-Imide, Serine, Citric Acid, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Acetyl Tyrosine, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Pueraria Lobata Root Extract


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