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From the TALIKA website:


The TALIKA laboratories, experts in specific treatments,

   have been working for several years in partnership with

   the Paris-Pitié Salpêtrière Hospitals to identify the

   frequency (590 nm) that stimulates the fibroblasts which

   produce your skin collagen. Light 590 (R) is a pure energy

   source for all skin types. Light 590(R) Collagen Booster

   emits a wave in pulsed form which acts specifically on the

   fibroblasts, triggering a bioenergy process that reactivates

   collagen and elastin production.


Light 590 (R) repairs the skin, giving it a smooth, toned

   appearance and reinforces and regenerates it from the

   inside. Wrinkles and lines gradually disappear and your skin

   is restored suppleness, elasticity and glow.


  From the first month: Wrinkles are spectacularly smoothed

   out. Volume, suppleness and glow are restored to your  

   skin. The epidermis is toned.

   Reduction of crows feet: – 25%*

   Reduction in length of frown lines: – 32%*

   Reduction in wrinkle depth: – 32%*

   Improvement in skin tonicity: + 33%*

 * Clinical study conducted by Gredeco on 30 volunteers in




  Slide the shutter open to reveal LEDS.

 – Position the Light 590(R) Collagen Booster 3 to 5 cm from the

   area to be treated (face, neck or hands)  for 45 seconds.

– Turn the Light 590(R) Collagen Booster on by pressing lightly

  on blue button for 2 to 3 seconds

– The device switches off automatically after 45 seconds.

  Your treatment is finished for the day.

  Repeat the process on another area.

  Use before applying day cream, daily, for a 2-month period.

  Can be used safely around the eye area. No damage to eyes or retina.


Photon-light Therapy is a safer alternative to stimulate the skin’s own rejuvenation and healing ability to counteract the effects of aging compare to IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments.


Generally, red light therapy is popular treatment for  anti-aging effects, blue photon light is used successfully for acne treatment, while green photon light can be used for the treatment of pigmentation. Side effects might include transient burning, stinging, swelling, and redness with minimal or no recovery time.


TALIKA Light 590(R) Collagen Booster costs 13,500 baht in Thailand and S$590 in Singapore.


March 2009

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