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I confess that I bought the Fancl 2 Way foundation because of the free gift – the foldable mirror. Even so, I was suprised by this 2 way foundation, it didn’t give me any problems except highly satisfaction.

The Fancl 2-Way foundation is suitable for all skin types in hot weather due to its long-lasting properties, according to Fancl. The powder is finely-milled with no shimmering particles, the sponge is soft and dense, the application is effortless, the finish is naturally soft matted and lightweight, subtly glowing in mid day when face is little oily.

I wore this foundation in both dry and humid weathers, it stayed on quite well that I only needed to touch up 2-3 times in a hot day. The touch up could be easily done without patchiness or cakey. Although this is Fancl’s dry version foundation, my combination-dry skin also feel very comfortable in humidity as low as 46%, strange……. but yewhooo! I think my moist moisturizer under makeup also plays part into it.

This foundation rarely oxidizes on me, or never oxidize on me that my base makeup still maintains natural looking without weird peachy color. I have tried once that apllied 5 layers of the 2-way foundation in different time interval at home, the finish still natural, lightweight, non-powdery … I love it!!

Fancl 2 ways foundation can be use in dry/wet application. Applying with damp sponge for sheer finish and could be more drying; dry application would give better coverage and more moisture feel. I prefer to use in dry way. If your face already have visible pores to start with, this foundation will not make them disappear, in other words, the pore concealing powder is average. Nevertheless, I usually rely on my sunblock or makeup primier for pore-defusing. Coverage is buildable from very sheer to medium, it comouflages my freckles quite well. The lightest shade, Pink Beige matches my skin tone well because it makes me looked like no powder on if I apply sheerly, (pick up powder light handed 2-3 times) but it will be too pinkish on me which a bit unnatural if I apply too heavy (pick up powder light handed 4-6 times). So, sheer application is just nice for me.

Fancl has two types of foundation case, one is white color, another is baby green color. They are slightly different of the case base design. The case is sleek, non-easily scrape, my only gripe is that the resounding pop when I open and close the case, especially when I closing the case, the pop sound is too loud to grab other people attentions.

There are 5 shades to choose from light skin tone to tan skin tone. The foundation cake weighted 8.5g, perservative free, able to last for 3 years from the manufacturing date if unopened, use in 1 year once opened. I paid 1386 baht for the foundation and case after 10% discount. Besides, Fancl Thailand also has powder foundation which is more moisture to use in dry season, lucent pressed powder which as setting powder with shimmery, all fit into the case.


Rating: … )))  Good Good. May buy again.


Main Ingredients:

Texture Refining Powder, Pore-disguising Powder, Amino Acid, Lamella Care Powder, Doubly Lasting Powder, Moisture Balance Ingredients.


Fancl 2 way foundation story ……

Put on the Fancl 2 way happily in the sunny yet low humidity morning.

In the morning

In the morning

Later I went out for grocery shopping and returned home after 3 hours. Skin still looked fresh and no need to touch up.

In the afternoon

In the afternoon

In the evening, I did the housekeeping, cooked dinner in smoky kitchen, my skin got little redness due to heat, but I think my face still looked good with the natural kind of glowing. (skin already oily)

In the evening

In the evening

After touch up, face looked matte again.

Touch up had done

Touch up had done


The end.


Free gift- The foldable mirror

Free gift- The foldable mirror

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