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I was given a free sample of 27ml Laneige Moisturizing Cleansing Oil some time ago. It was part of Laneige Snow Crystal series which had been launched in autumn/winter 2008. The lime fruit scent of this cleansing oil smells freshly good  and it is quite moisturizing that suitable for my combination skin.


According to Laneige website, this will softly removes  heavy, waterproof makeup and skin impurities effectively and easily, leaving skin moisturized with botanical oil and vitamin derivatives. Strictly speaking, this is mineral oil based cleansing oil with starflower seed oil and  grape seed oil but didn’t really performs amazingly even that’s true that the cleansing oil is easily dissolved in water without greasiness.


How I verdict the cleansing power of a makeup remover? Well, my stringent inspector none other than Fasio Hyper-Stay mascara which I mentioned before how uneasiness to remove this mascara. The Laneige moisturizing cleansing oil took longer time  (so long time) to dissolve the mascara and it doesn’t clean the mascara effectively and thoroughly. But, if I apply the mascara sheerly, then this cleansing oil is sufficient to remove the mascara.


Press the Fasio mascara twice on my hand and wait for it dry out.



Drop the cleansing oil on both mascara stains, wait for 10 seconds so that the cleansing oil co can dissolves the stain.



After 15 seconds, rub gently 20 times on each stain. (Note: the freshel one is much effective)




 After countless times of rubbing, laneige still unable to remove the stain thoroughly while freshel had already done its job.



 In the end, I removed the stain by freshel…..


The experiment puts Laneige moisturizing cleansing  into shame when compare to  Kanebo Freshel White C cleansing oil, not to say Freshel White C only half of the Laneige price. My hand was feeling pain when rubbing too many times in the experiment, it definitely even worse when apply for eye. Well, if we blame the Fasio mascara, this Laneige Moisturizing Cleansing oil is still very nice to remove normal or light makeup.


The Laneige Snow Crystal has Moisturizing Cleansing oil for normal to dry skin, and Refreshing Cleansing oil for normal to oily skin. Both weighted 175 ml at  retail price 1200 baht in Thailand.


Rating : … )))  so-so So so.




Sample size

Sample size

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