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I bought the Fasio hyper-stay mascara some time ago. I thought give it a try after I heard many girls rave about Fasio mascara. The hyper-stay mascara (curl long) claims to give your lashes long and curl…… Yes!!! It does.


The long and curl effects from this mascara are quite amazing and I didn’t use any lash curler or any other point makeup in the attached pictures. The lashes are crunchy hard or stiff once the mascara dry out and you won’t expect it would ever smears. I think the corelationship between long-lasting and difficult removing was inevitable. Nevertheless I prefer natural soft and smooth coating without that ugly coarseness, so I’ll never ever buy Fasio mascara again unless its quality improved.


Terrible part of the Fasio mascara starts from removing the mascara. This is the most stubborn mascara I have ever seen. Its best affiliate, Fasio point makeup remover is totally useless to remove it effectively, even after using 5 cotton pads!! The whole removing process could be painful because the my eyes were severely aching due to excess rubbing. I have thrown away the Fasio point makeup then. At the end, I removed the mascara by using Kanebo Freshel C Cleansing Oil easily, without much effort…… Frankly, if I apply it sheerly, 2-3 times, then will be less effort to remove the mascara, but the Fasio point makeup remover is still useless to remove it totally.


Pictures said thousand words. You can see the below pictures how it defines my lashes and how difficult to remove this mascara.

Rating : …\\\ so-so1  So-so. Will not buy again.


 Beware of the fearful pictures


Fasio H-S mascara applicator

Fasio H-S mascara comb applicator

 Without eye curler, the mascara itself able to curl and long.

Bottom view

Applied heavily (4-6 coating)

When applied sheerly, the lashes look more natural than heavy coating.

Apply sheerly (2-3 coating)

Applied sheerly (2-3 coating)


Ok. Now the showcase of removing process.

First, press the mascara comb on hand and wait for it dries out.



Right : Remove by water, the mascara dissolves a little bit after countless times of rubbing until my hand is aching.

Left: Remove by Kanebo Freshel Cleansing oil. Mascara totally removed after about 15 strokes.



Both mascara stains have been remove by Freshel White Cleansing oil. My skin already hurt, red and aching.


Painful removing process ends.


December 2008

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