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I was intrigued by Kanebo Whitening drugstore line, Freshel White C Cleansing Oil after reading its good reviews. As I was new to Kanebo skincare, so I went to store and grabbed one for myself to try. I was greedy that I bought two bottles on a go on first purchase during 10% promotion. That was not wise when come to try a new product.


The packaging is simple & clean to have good impression, fragrance free, a plus point to me. This cleansing oil is very moisturizing and leaves a sheer oily film on skin which I need double-cleanse with facial cleanser. The benefit is my face won’t feel taut after the double-cleansing even the facial cleanser is drying. The cleansing oil didn’t emulsifying very well, that could be a reason for the sheer oily film.


Since Freshel White C Cleansing Oil is very moisturizing, it may potentially attributes blackhead or breakout though I didn’t breakout from it but I was skeptical it’s contributing blackheads in my oily spot.


On the other side, I must admit the cleansing power is totally win my heart. The notorious Fasio mascara that well-known of difficult to remove can be easily removed now! Just gently massage the oil to dissolve the mascara for 15-20 seconds, then the mascara has gone without traces. What a big surprise! I had tried both Kose cleansing oil and Fasio point makeup remover before but none of them can remove the Fasio mascara totally, especially the Fasio point makeup remover was totally useless. Fasio is under Kose Company and what a shame they can’t even come out a makeup remover to remove their mascara.


I didn’t notice any whitening effect as well as I do have fair skin to start with. Anyhow, I am happy with this cleansing oil due to its excellent cleansing power. The retail price is wallet-friendly at 450 baht for 180ml.


Rating: …)))  excellent  Excellent. Willing to buy again. 


Mineral oil (paraffinum liquidum), Ethylhexyl palmitate, Peg-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, Diglyceryl sebacate/ isopalmitate, Water (aqua), Squalane, Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil, Citrus unshiu peel extract, Perilla ocymoides leaf extract, Tocopherol.


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