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 fancl suppl

Fancl promotes skin care from inside out for perfect healthy skin. After trying so many anti-aging products that promised sky and earth with no  miracle happen, I was seriously into thinking that skin supplement will do the magic trick. Many controversies of collagen supplement, it is personal decision after all.


Myriad of brands for supplements are overwhelming the market, Fancl is the one among them with affordable price. Adding I was confident with Fancl reputation as I believe their product safety control is stringent.


Fancl HTC collagen


Basically, collagen is the connective tissues that hold together all body tissues. Reduction of collagen through aging process would resulting skin loss its firmness and eventually wrinkling.


We need other substances for collagen synthesis, for instance, Vitamin C is involved at every stage of the synthesis of collagen, from procollagen to ultimately formed collagen. Procollagen is a 3-D stranded structure made up mainly of the amino acids glycine and proline. (source)


The main ingredients of Fancl HTC collagen is glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which is easier to be absorbed by body. If I interpret the ingredient list correctly, each tablet contains 150mg of HTC collagen, with total weight 251mg.


I was taking the collagen at least for 17 months now, my skin complexion was healthy glowing although skin didn’t out of troubles. That means, still breaking out occasionally, still having dehydration and dullness occasionally, … etc. However, tackle dullness already a big step to go back to youthfulness.


The HTC collagen is extracted from animal, 180 tablets for 30 days consumption, advised 6 tablets before bedtime. Retails 560 baht/packet. After taking 6 tablets/day for more than a year, I decided to reduce the intake to half, 3 tablets/day because I included Coenzyme Q10 supplement in my daily life, as well as eating more protein-rich food daily.


Fancl TenseUp EX


On the other hand, I was also drinking Fancl Tense Up EX occasionally. Consists of 30% fruit juice, tastes sweet and sour fruit juice, simply delicious. This is definitely more effective than HTC Collagen, just very expensive to take on daily basis, so I only take it occasionally and wouldn’t take on the same day with Fancl HTC collagen, afraid of overdose. Usually I take this for continuous a week in emergency circumstances for express complexion boost. Tense Up Ex comes with 10 bottles per box for 1200 baht/box.


TenseUp EX Ingredient List: (50ml/bottle)

Collagen 2600mg, Blue-berried-Honeysuckle, Co Q10, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.


* Don’t overtake as product indicated. Please stop immediately and consult doctor if allergy occurs. Always seek your doctor’s advise if you are prenant, or under medication.

* Updated on 19/6/2009



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